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so the grado sr 60i is the way to go?whats the 1up or the 2up headphones from grado that are open? just a little weird to compliment a $150 headphone with a $60 one...
lol glad to revive it.. even if it was coincidental still funny lol  
made my day XD    
Hey guys! I am trying to expand my music horizons! Im lookin g for some kind of "electrical" sounding pop or rock or hip-hop music, i like country and various other generes artist like hollywood undead and panic at the disco. any recomondations? it CAN be mainstream artist, just dont assume i know and listen to all of the "popular" artist so recomend anyone.
i just wish it came with one of those little silk cases i see people with  
i dont even know  
well whats all the difference exc ept for the obvoius air flow?  
why? whats exactly is the difference? ive never had an open can :/ i always thought myself as cheap for not dubbing up and getting an open grado or something.
how does the L9 stand up to other LOD's? i know they can get very expensive? im wanting one but i cant afford $60 for 3-5 inches of cord for my fio e11. is this for me or what?
  First step XD
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