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i second aboves question? p.s and also, if im making a dock connector for my itouch or anyother ipod excluding the iphone i dont need the resistor? p.s also what type of pin do i need? all the ones i look up look like adaptors of 1/8to1/4 can i use the smaller plug? do i have to have a big plug? and can i see a link to a good one because i just dont know what to buy.
well ull have to wait for someone else to make the comparison but i bought a cheap fio e11 portable amp for 65 bucks on ebay and it dramtically increased the bass.
ya I know they look terrible but it fits snug around my head and feels airy and comfortable actually.. i took off the pads and put them backs on and it fluffed em up abit. its a air filled cushion pad.
lol okay thanx :)
i will need a specific reciever? i ordered an 1/4inch adaptor for them will it work with my amp then?
lol well i might play around with them first. ill be an adaptor and judge performance. after i do ill post here.  
just order hd600 cables for my hd25 so i guess i could sell u m stock cable... 2 weeks old
like i said i dont have an adaptor for 1/4 plug. so i couldnt hear them. i just wanted to know if it was junk or something. but u said its practicly junk okay. if theres not goina be anyone to ant them ill just toss em i suppose.  
Okay so i was clean ing out this ladys home and "bought" her husbands room for $500. i paid her 500 bucks for the contents of the room and i cleaned it out for her. her husband died and in the room i got 2 rifles a pistol some ancient computer hardware and these seemingly ancient cans. The side of it says KOSS k/145 but i cant find anything on the internet about them. one post on head-fi mentions them but has nothinbg about them. can someone identify these for me tell me...
what!?!?!? i was looking at getting the sr125i for my hd25 compliment cus i wanted some open cans and i have never tried the iconic grado sound
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