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I have the HD25's and they work with my hip-hop  and techno great, but i keep hearing about the grado sound and found a deal on some grado sr80i's. What kind of music genres are these excellent for and would i be pleased with these complimenting(not replacing) my HD25's?   Edit: Besides hip-hop and techno i listen to a load of country, older rock(early guns n roses, bon jovi), and rapcore(hollywood undead, icp) and mambo(lou bega).
what kind would u recomend to fit the dimesnions of about a 2''x4'' driver?(thats about the size of it)
it could be lol, but looks just like the Colorware (!) lol p.s   i found this.. is it a deal? ive been wanting a good pair of grados, like i said earlier, to compliment with my hd25's is the deal a good one considering the only IEMs i got are skullcandy? p.s.s i just got $110 deposit on my bank for mowing lawns...
Grado + Kicker Earbud & Headphone Combo   just found this combo for $109.99   i think ima bout to order   Edit: they sell the sr80i's for 99 bucks so for an extra 10 you get these $50 dollar kickers, they advertise a $60 dollar savings though.
just curious but if i did decide to change out the drivers what driver could i buy(just the drivers) other than the sennheisers hd25? maybe some outside of sennheisser since i have never owned a pair that was?
no there custom ordered. jude has a pair and he talks about it on some thread, prolly his blog ya, i think so. edit:
nah idt id sell them. i think if it comes down to bad sound quality ill buy some driver from sennhesier and rewire them myself.
ya idt koss would have them. you know they have an online koss museum for the old headphones and they dont even have this model. they have loads other old models but not this one.. i scoured 60'-90's and nothing on a k/145 and no pictures that looked like this.
god those are beautiful
stock hd600 cable from sennheiser.. ima wrap the exccess cord from left side around knuckle so it can go in groove in headband.
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