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what about that u2d2 or wahtever i cant remmber the name of it but its a bulky square portable amp around 60 bucks
im loving my fiio e11, but i still wonder what a  cmoyb sounds like
lol i will, i ordered and adaptor tha was supposed to be here today, if its not here by days end ill drive to radioshack.
any suggestions of what models and brands? keep in mind i got hd25 so i dont  really care to spend a huge amount on dac and amps when my headphones are only 160.
well then if pretty much everyone says i got the better one with the HD25 right now then what should i be working to upgrade with my rig? i got  32gig i touch>Fiiol9 lod(making custom one now)>fio E11>hd25 stock cable (HD600 coming tomorrow)> hd25 with that setup what should i be working on upgrading? i use that for portable and home rig. i wouldnt mind amping some stuff up for just home use or maybe a btter portable use good for home to. so any suggestions?  
Well my dad works with alot of radios (HAM and shortwaves) so needless to say he has an abundance of wires. so im wanting to try and create my first LOD and i found this purty looking wire with something unique(i think)( about it. It has  1 copper(stranded) wire and 1 steel(i think since i dont know how to test if its silver*stranded*) wires, there both coated seperatly in clear coating and i wa wondering if i cut it into three pieces and sodder both the copper and...
well so theres no grado that would satisfy me(probally) after the hd25;s beside the higher end ones? like what 125i+ or 225i+? btw im looking for a home pair as the hd25's would be the portables  
ya HD 25-1-ii
not meaning to revive a old thread but arent u supposed to use hd600 cables?
ya and its ~2'' thick
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