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ahh... well i found th name of it. PA2V2(lol close) how does that compare with the fiio e11? i have people tell me that the e11 beats it on bass and is equal if not better in mid and treble. but the PA2V2 does make a rig look more proffessional.
idk, i emailed them and they havent replied. maybe someone else could try and email them and include picture from my OP.
i just takes a long time... but im uploading from a nikon d90 so it has like 15 mp's or higher
alright well this time its 16. if i can make it look neat then ill stick with it since i will be better off since it is thicker and stronger but from now on unless im cableing headphones ill use 22. well if i can sodder it to the LOD its gonna be a monster lol.ill post final when im done.
but god the 24awg just looks soo small and fragile.. thats why i got this thicker wire. youy say from nowon i should use thinner wire?
  thats what ive did so far with it.
ugh... there 16g i think... maybe 18. im pretty sure i put it in the 16 slot of the pliers when i strip em. what i did to hook to pin is strip and cut half the wires off and sodder the other half to the inputs. cant u do that in the LOD to save room? ugh.. ist still gonna be hard soddering them and not letting the connections touch. :/ i might have to have my dad do that since im pretty sure im not good enough with a soddering gun to have them not touch. but i ordered...
I personally use my e11 with my HD25-1-II's and afte a 1-2 hour burn in the bass stays about the same but the highs begin to pick up a bit and and more clearly stated.  Just last night i forgot to charge it and its dead right now. It is torture trying to listen to my HD25's now without it, Of course they arent bad but i just feel like the e11 and the hd25's has great synergy. especialy LOD'd from and ipod. I dont think youll be disapointed. P.S when u get it the black...
bump. i went ahead and wired it into the pin. i used to copper sides for the left and right and the aluminum for the ground. waiting for the lod to get here so i can finish up.
Hey i need a dack and the udac2 looks nice, but its like the top of my budget. is there maybe another dac just as good a little bit cheaper? it will be added to  Fiio e11 and HD25-1-II  
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