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well mayb i didnt word myself right. I ALREADY have a hd25.. i was looking for a good companion to use when im listening to more jazz and rock.. and while im listening to country and hip-hop my hd25s.. well i ordered the combo e7and e9 dac and amp for a good price. read alot of decent to excellent reviews about them and none bad and thought theyd be a good entry level desktop amp and dac. well will i be happy with them for now? be here in 2 days or so.. and i didnt plan...
it come stock in highmode. and i never changed it. why would u not use it in high mode?  
ive heard them with 1/8 in adaptor from stock sound. in 2-3 days ill have a e7/e9 combo. and i will post review after hearing from that.  
but if u dont want to use and application and want to use the touches regular library just convert the flac to alac witch is also a lossless codes so therefore you lose NO quality. i use dbpoweramp to convert my files after EAC rips it to flac.
no the HD25 doesnt lack bass and i am not and basshead i just like to feel it a bit more than the stock sound. and i cant speak for the e5/e7 but the e11 is made decently well, not as well as an ibasso but its not as expensive either and it way worth the 70 bucks for it.
with above post, HD 25-1-II's good and cheap(more exensive the sr60i) but way within our budget(160~). great closed cans, good for portable and home use. doesnt need and amp but bass improves with one.
Fiio's E11 cant stress how good of a pair up it is with the HD25's. Its reacl cheap and has great bass functions. i found my hd25 lackinjg in bass and got it and havent looked back. heres a thread talking about it... towards the end of the first page it talks about e11 being great forn the hd25.
dont you use ALAC?
there is quite a noticable improvement with the HD 25-1-II's it amps up the bass quite the bit and spreads open treble, leaves mid range alone completly for me. Its a great improvement upon the stock HD25 sound, i garuntee it.
yes i like metal a bit. i like hinder and afi already.  thanx all for the suggestions.
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