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lol no harm :} but ii do think mounting an animals head on your wall is weird(just for the record*i dont have any*) but it makes it even stranger if it lacks skin and hair O,O
oh atleast when americans mount something we put the skin back on it. the europeans mounts are just skull and bones. and it was a statement about style european style is different then american style, like there more open sexually and pubically then americans. dont make it a racey thing.
nor screws... rivetts.. to screw through the rivetts would ruin the cassing.  
just my neighborhood radioshack :/
thats what makes em look cool
well. problem.. only the left side is working. must be in the driver. these things are nearly desctructible and idk how to begin top crack in to them. its mettal all around.  
well if its fully customizable good... but those preferences must be european lol. no insult but i doubt to see many americans wearing any animal sept cow on their heads  
i agree with your review from a mobile perspective. the e11 is a better portable amp then the e7. but the e7's DAC(if u dont have the e9 yet*whitch got lost in  mail a couple days*) sounds better. the e11 is better for straight portability and sound but the e7 sounds better from computer. and has the upgradability of getting the e9 companion. just something to consider.
i must make a trip to gainsville soon to a grado retailer and try there ms1's.
e11 has enough power to power them. the e9 is going to have more fidelity and have hardly none of the drawbacks of the e11. but the e11 is a great portable amp while the e9 is a decent desk amp. theyare totally 2 different machines for 2 different reasons of use. so if ur gona be moving around get a e11 untill u get a good desk amp amp or if ur gonna be stationary and dont want a top tier desk amp for awhile the e9 is a good one too get. it will have u satisfied as a...
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