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  my awesomely humble stand.
i make my own jerkey :D a whole lot beter than any store bought. i wonder if i could dehydrate some jerky and attach it to my hd25's and have a good looking,and sounding, portabl music snack :P  
do you buy CDs? Do you torrent FLAC files? there all 16bit/48hz (at best) anyways... only differemce is if you have a huge vinyl collection... wow "nowadays" lol. the hardware has surpassed the medians of wich media is being transfered to us... its a waist..
i need better speakers  
:P i eat alligator tail acassionally lol. u darn floridians (yep not ausie)  
well i like my monitor :/  have no complaints lol. big enough and clear enough for me.. but my old crt looked nothing like it sooo....
id wear crocodile hide :D  
     my modest rig :P
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