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well is there a nice water proof PAD i could used while swimming and divving? haha
lol delleted his post
bump it
thats what im saying :(i mean i snarl at the people who say 128kbs is comparable to flac(in my mind) because to me it just isnt. and i find some difficulty discerning flac and 320(if cheap headpones) but pretty sure after the 700's and 1000's of kbs that flac is usually i dont think you could possibly tell the difference, i always based this on the fact that media hasnt been upgraded for music in over a decade and even the "big-boys" havent pushed some type of 24/96...
HD25-1-ii.... save some bucks and great (indestructible+excellent sound+very replaceable parts+light  weight+ sound isolating) headphone
id be hard press to come out on top of a double blind test with 24/96 and 16/48. but i suppose id have to have the hardware capable to test it. still the main medium is limited at 16/48, i guess u can buy it better like from HDtracks but it is very uncommon, but i suppose it suits you if your willing to buy them :/
i think its sensitivty of headphones. the e9 gets that way if u turn up the volume and gain with no sound.  
oh i know there was a previous conversation lol i was just inputing hehe :P
well for the lenght of time theve been on the market(whitch i know isnt very long) they havent had many reports of faulty malfunctions except for the occasional dock for the e7. there good for the quality and the price.
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