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The Lovely Cube was yours? I was always under the impression that the LC was a slightly poor imitator of the Lehmann. Is this not the case (in your opinion)? Or had the Lehmann perhaps not reached it's proper potential as it was newish?
How did you get on?
Has anyone had chance to compare the above two DAC/AMP units? I'm currently using an Arcam irDAC connected to a Lehmann BCL > Sennheiser HD700's. I'd like to get down to a single unit on my desktop and was curious how the Naim and Sennheiser stack up to one another. I'd like to hear comments even if you've only heard (or have) one of them
Mine's left on 24/7 and sounds great all the time :)
I've compared the irDAC to the Audiolab M-DAC and found the Arcam preferable to me. Tinkerers will prefer the M-DAC's user definable filters and the apparent (not really experienced by me) sound signature changes through different firmware revisions but I always felt the M-DAC to be a bit lean and clinical whereas the irDAC is more of a plug & play item that effortlessly produces 'music'.
My friend in HK has recently upgraded his DT990's to the T90 and he's really happy with them. He's heard my 700's (a few months back) and still chose the T90. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, just enjoy your T90's. If you're happy with their particular way of doing things, you'll likely prefer them to the Sennheiser's way of doing things...
I think you've basically hit the nail right on the head here. Everybody's ears are different and the engineers in charge of a certain model/brand will tune the headphone for them and/or some focus group of testers to target the largest possible audience for their given price-point, etc. I went to the National Audio Show here in the UK a couple of months ago and this point was brought into sharp relief when I had a listen to some HD800's being driven by the HDVD800 amp/dac...
I think a lot (and I mean LOTS) of the forum postings & comments by people are either based on some early examples which were perhaps fresh out of the box, people paying too much attention to waterfall/freq. graphs and/or are being parroted by people who haven't actually sat down and properly listened to them. On the back of the above, they've gotten a bit of a bad rep which I feel is unfounded. Luckily I bought mine really early before much of the 'treble peak, they've...
 Source is an iMac > Audirvana+ (with AIFF files) and using a Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear > Sennheiser HD700 as output.
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