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I've no doubt Z5 is smooth n sib free, yo ;) cheersJust to make sure we're on the page. Ref plane - 10 khz resonance, the further from ref plane - the more 5-8 khz resonance. Not without exceptions, but that's the rule.Look at Z5 graph. They're smart at Sony's. Warm mids and very smooth upper mids. Can't tell the treble, I dare to say good extension up to 18 khz and not much of a zigzag. Not necessarily shorter bandwidth.
Sibilant at 10 khz? OK, you took ref. plane measearuments? And do you realize you'll probably get quite a different picture given 6mm from ref. plane? Like, longer bandwidth, no 10 khz peak. And a listener will never ever be able to insert Z5 deep in his ear canal to the ref. plane without godlike surgery on his ears and skull.
  So I assume you did it via AUX IN and no Optical / Coaxical / USB?
Crossover components do (inductors and capacitors). The effect may be very insignificant.
Yes it has, if it is TRS (it is not balanced), actually I don't like it it all (via TRS you get crippled buffer amp). To use TRRS balanced you need TRRS jack and cable, which open up immense soundstage, wider and deeper than with GAME. You may try RE-272 or RE-ZERO (with TRRS stock cable) and see it for yourself. :) GAME to me ears is pretty good with Miracle and Merlin despite high output impedance (they are not affected in terms of quality unlike triple.fi10pro or...
Buying PP6 I know nothing except it has unique CIEM active cross plus amp unit. No questions. But we also stick to DAC, which is what? Is it true DAC comparable with top-tier portable players or is it simply audio hub (DAC plus amp combo) like in my smatrphone? Why so secret?
So, what DAC chip is inside?
Well, that's something to start with. I'd look into more advanced and very affordable IFIHI 960. You really can't go wrong with either. :) While toying with the idea to order PP6 (not sure if the DAC is good), I am really tempted to try Miracle with upcoming 901 with TRRS balanced because 801 TRRS has proven to perform very well with low impedance earphones (though beeing not quite tonally accurate, dark sound signature, you know).
Miracle is easy to drive (high sensitivity, low impedance), yet that doesn't mean they do not require an amp. First off, due to very low impedance (of even extremely low along the curve) you end up listening to piles of harmonic distortion via your IPod/Clip. That and similar gadgets with audio-hub onboard poorly control the load (will demonstrate though much better performance with some 100-ohm earphones). Miracle will desperately suffer with lack of current which...
Miracle vs 1964 V6 *lost*
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