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Here's my little listening corner in my home office.  As you can tell, I like Sennheiser.    
I've had the RS 180s since July 2011 and enjoyed them--they were a good upgrade from my old Sony IR wireless headphones.   I read about the drop outs on the 220s and avoided them for a while--but I finally took the plunge.  I mostly wear wireless headphones when I am working at my desk, because the cable from a wired pair would always get fouled up in the chair and the headphones end up hitting the floor at high speed.  The sound quality of the 180s with classical...
:-)  It's semi-hidden by the blue, but if you look closely at the power cables, you will see there is a third line that disappears into the blue (the optical cable is black).  
OK, we've seen some good shots of the front, but what about the back?  :-)  
I pre-ordered over the summer and am looking forward to this to go with my Asgard! I love the Schiit brand, American-made, and Jason's style. Thanks, Jason, for all your hard work. I have built a few companies from the ground up and know how hard it is to keep everything going, I don't know where the other thread is, so if you stop posting updates here, please link to the other thread :-)
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