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Lowered the price.
Up for sale is my AKG K702.  No trade, please. I am the original owner, it was purchased about 3 years ago.   The price is firm. It includes the PayPal fee and shipping fee to US 48 contiguous states.   It is in excellent condition, only used for about 30hrs. It comes with the original box and cable. Please see the pictures for further inspection.   I don't have many feedbacks here, however, I have been on eBay for over 12 years. Here is my 280+...
I just found out about AKG-K550, this could be a good fit. I own K702 and have been happy with it. The lower price does not hurt either.   Can anyone compare AKG-K550 vs. Audio technica ATX-W5000 or others in higher price range? I know they are in different price range however I wonder if the W5000 is worth the extra dollars. What will I miss?
Hi,   I am looking for a headphone for listening at a large cubicle shared with three other people. Minimal leakage is needed so it does not bother the other folks as I tend to listening in mid to high volume.   I currently own: - Audeze LCD-2 - Westone ES5   I purchased Westone ES5 several months ago, my first custom IEM, thinking that it would fit the bill. Well, the isolation is awesome and sure it sounds great.   However, it is missing...
One way iBasso could do is provide an interface (that does the hi-res plumbing) that PowerAmp could call. Or, if PowerAmp already has an interface, then, iBasso can implement it. By an interface here, I mean a software interface, not a UI interface.   This way, both parties' intellectual property are protected.   Whether or not PowerAmp and iBasso are willing to work together and deem that it is worth the effort is another matter.     
+1, I read that before and after experiencing it myself, I agree. It will save a lot of the software development time and they can just focus on the hardware instead, which is what they are good at.    
  I am only on my day one playing with dx100, however, it is very apparent that iBasso's player has long way to go to become user friendly. PowerAmp is so much nicer in every aspect except the ability to play hi-res files.    
Just got mine today as well and loaded some songs.   I notice that the iBasso player lists the songs on an album in reversed order. This was reported as a bug before on another thread.   Do you know if this is supposed to be fixed already? Any workaround?   I almost always listen to songs in the original order.  
For those of you that sent the payment recently, have you received your tracking number yet? Just don't want to pester iBasso..
+1, my invoice has the extra charge as well. You definitely want to send them a note to avoid issue.  
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