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I'm looking for Greenhouse GH-ERC-DMS IEM's in good condition. PM me if you have these earphones for sale.
Fischer Audio DBA-02 / Brainwavz B2 / Rockit R-50 / Greenhouse GH-ERC-DMS   STILL WANTED!
Hello all, I am interested in purchasing the Fischer Audio DBA-02, Brainwavz B2, Rockit R-50 or Greenhouse GH-ERC-DMS. The only requirement - must work :) Shipping to Poland must be possible.   If anyone has this model, please PM.
You have incredibly high prices in the USA. I purchase my MX980 in Poland for 90$ (100% original)   I still think that PK1 is better than the MX980. PK1 need a VERY strong source / amplifier.  On my portable set (Touch 4G -> DIY Silver LOD -> GoVibe Martini) PK1 sound better than MX980 (i listen Rock, Jazz and Hip-Hop music).
Unfortunately, I sold the J3 :( My only player is Touch 4G in this moment. T4G sounds very good (for me even better than J3), but EQ is terrible.   Probably I try the MX880.
Hi all,   I want to buy the new earbuds. I love PK1 and MX980, but have to thin sound for me. BLoX TM5 fall, because is unavailable. I thought about the Sennheiser MX880 or Sony MDR-E888LP - which are the better? Maybe other models? I can spend 100$ for new earbuds. My portable source is iPod Touch 4G. I listen Rock music.
JVC FX700 is perfect for Jazz. "Kind of Blue" sound amazing.
Hi everybody! I want to buy a new IEMs and interested me JVC "Victor" FX500. Are there a lot worse than the FX700? Is it worth it to spend $ 100 on it? I own Yuin OK1 and Sennheiser IE8 but I'd like to try something new. My portable source is Sansa Clip+ (with Rockbox).
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