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Quote: Originally Posted by Visigodo I have a Rayovac 15 min. charger, which requires 15 min. rechargeable batteries (it does work with AA and AAA batteries). It's an awesome product that delivers on what it promises, each charge lasts a long time, and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Highly recommended. another vote for the rayovac. these batteries have a long shelf life between charges. Radio shack sells the same thing under their...
I have tinnitus and used to be plagued by the occasional ringing. But I'm not bothered by that anymore but a certain distortion with certain frequency. Its like im dist. where one sound is accompanied by another. When i was a teen I listened to classical music at high volume via loudspeakers. lately when I practice the piano I get an annoying buzz which I have learned to ignore. On the whole I can still enjoy my music but wish I would have excersized more restraint when I...
I am curious as to what kind of source component (cd player ) that your local fm station uses. Here in St. Louis our classic 99 station employs a Sony CDP-D500. This is a professional model ($1200) not usually available in consumer outlets. The sound is very good. The program engineer said that they are going to switch to a Denon in the near future and retire the sonys which have been around a while. He thinks the Denon may be available to anyone. they have no plans to use...
I like both; headphones for intimacy and detail which cant be realized with speakers due to room absortion and reflection, and speakers for sound stage and that more realistic duplication of live cincert. I have yet to get the amount of detail from my maggies MG3 or the nht's that I can get with my beyer dt 880 and CIA headphone amp. I'm willing to concede that maybe I need better speaker amps etc. than the adcom which is vintage 1990.
Just got a channel islands VHP-1 headphone amp and really love the sound. Didnt realize what I was missing. Without going into the usual superlatives the sound is just less congested and I feel more drawn into the music experience. Cia audio also makes a power supply for this amp at 149.00.Would this be the next upgrade for me. using a marantz deck for source and power hungry beyer dt880. I know that beefy amps used to drive loudspeakers need ample power but I...
very interested in getting the channel islands VHP-1 and wonder if its a good mate for the beyer dt880. Also understand that headroom will be coming out with a new line in a month. anyone got any advice?
The ask. version was my favorite until the Janson. The 2nd with Previn. was ok on Telarc but the sound was very thin no bass.Havnt heard the Previn 3rd. The janson 3rd is marvelous in bringing out almost every detail in the scoring withouy interupting the flow.
just heard a glorius performance of the 3rd by M. Jansons and the St. Petersbyrg Phil. on EMI classics #62810. I was able to get it today at borders for 10.00. Recorded in 1992 and the sound as good as it gets. This is the best of the crop. Also includes sym. dances.
my grandkids ages 9 & 6 want to know if there is any web site which lists games compatable with the wireless link for multi player. many games including ones they got will not work with this link.
I see that a lot of sacd are now hybrid with 2 layers playable on standard cd. I wonder if the cd layer is red book quality (is that the right term?). I bought a few rca living stereo hybrids at 11.99 ea. and someday may get to hear the sacd layer. The cd playback sounds fine. Hopefully the newer sacd will come down in price.
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