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wheres a good place listen to them 1000 and 500 in houston
For sale the 2014 Grado GS1000i headphones. I had these professionally modified with 4-Pin Balanced  XLR connectors for greatly improved sound quality, and I had the ear cushion fitted with much more comfortable ear cushions, They are less than a year old. I purchased from an authorized .  Modification was done by the shop.  headphones purchased just before xmas time. shipping should be 20     Lower price 700.00  
I'm going back and forth from the 500's with newer divers and the 1000's. the 500's should a little better on this Oppo w/4-pin balanced. the track "Yes" Shoot high aim low 906 kpbs. more highs and mids with the 500's more bass with 1000's.
So should I have gone to the PS1000's. what are people impressions between the PS and GS?
I have a pair off PS500's and a Pair of GS1000's. My 1000's were going to replace the 500's but I keep going back the the 500's. I did notice that the 500's have the new drivers. has anyone gone back when upgrading?
Anyone figure out the grado adapters?
Where did you get the XLR from?
I'm running 4- pin xlr's on my grados and hd800. now I just orders a pair of grado 1000's . Always be a Senn guy now moving to Grados because of the amp' you have to listen to live Yes with this set up. 
Oppo with Grado XLR 4's for the band "Yes' or I use My senns HD850s w/ XLR 4's for Van Halen   Sweet...... My burson's lacked with the grados. but going to the Oppo with a balanced connection its the best.
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