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Can anybody compare them fidelio x1/x2 in terms of fun factor and sound signature.
Which one is more enjoyable ? I am not bothered about sound quality. I want a headphone which i put on and enjoy it to best. Budget under 60$
Hi , I am searching for a budget headphone for my desktop. Anybody who have heard both these cans , can you please post your short review differentiating from each other. I want to know which one of them makes you feel that you are in the middle of a Live performance , or close.
hi ,   I need an IEM Which has most enjoyable , engaging and warm sound. Please help me , I don't want it to be technically perfect. My requirement is it should be more enjoyable sound , i should close my eyes and enjoy music. I am willing to spend 40$.   The one i have shortlisted are :-   1. Xiaomi piston   2. Sony MH1C   3. DUNU Trident   From what i know three of them has warm and engaging sound. Of them i have heard Xiaomi piston and found them very good...
what about k701/702 ?
please help me out choosing one with best attack and speed.
anybody could do the comparison for me ? do they have same amount of details in music ?
i want any one of them.
How is the sound quality of this headphone ?  does this competes with other high end phones like k701 ? Does soundstage gives a sense of immense air presence ?
Are all of issues fixed by fischer audio like sounding muffled up because of capacitor issue ? Please tell i am just about to order them.
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