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hi,   I am using ex600 as my earphone to which i listen to most of the time , for source i am using teclast t51 and my iphone 4s. Recently i plugged it in my friends iphone 5s ,and the difference i saw was that all the instruments were more solidly presented compared to my other two sources, for eg the same amount of bass had more impact on my ear this is what i am looking for , now that can only be possible because of a good amp section. I want an amp that can do that...
Can anybody compare them fidelio x1/x2 in terms of fun factor and sound signature.
Which one is more enjoyable ? I am not bothered about sound quality. I want a headphone which i put on and enjoy it to best. Budget under 60$
Hi , I am searching for a budget headphone for my desktop. Anybody who have heard both these cans , can you please post your short review differentiating from each other. I want to know which one of them makes you feel that you are in the middle of a Live performance , or close.
hi ,   I need an IEM Which has most enjoyable , engaging and warm sound. Please help me , I don't want it to be technically perfect. My requirement is it should be more enjoyable sound , i should close my eyes and enjoy music. I am willing to spend 40$.   The one i have shortlisted are :-   1. Xiaomi piston   2. Sony MH1C   3. DUNU Trident   From what i know three of them has warm and engaging sound. Of them i have heard Xiaomi piston and found them very good...
what about k701/702 ?
please help me out choosing one with best attack and speed.
anybody could do the comparison for me ? do they have same amount of details in music ?
i want any one of them.
How is the sound quality of this headphone ?  does this competes with other high end phones like k701 ? Does soundstage gives a sense of immense air presence ?
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