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The Xonar DG can drive the Denon D2000 fine. My iPod can even do it
open back headphones leak a lot and tend to have larger soundstage (except Grados). Closed back headphones don't leak as much and have smaller soundstages. But rgeyre are a lot of closed headphones with really good soundstages like denons and ultrasones.    
Wtf are microphonics? 
Yep recabled em myself. There was quite a bit of improvement, more detail, clarity, the bass was less muddy. I love the sound   D2000. No question. Its just a great can at any price range. But the CKM50s have better isolation.    I think I use them more cuz i just got them, or cuz they're easy to use and convenient. I think I'll switch back to my D2000 for home use and CKM50 for portable use or Soundmagic E30 if I end up selling the CKM50s. As far as SQ goes, its a close...
Is it weird that my D2000s are barely getting any love from me now that I have CKM50s? I just seem to use them more, even on the computer.
I think there's a misconception where Moar bass = better for EDM. EDM Needs clarity as well, and I think EDM sounds good with neutral headphones. I think I'm going to get myself some E30s, or PL30s if they have better sounstage. I also listen to punk, and alternative, so I think something like that would be good.    
Sooo for EDM (Trance, Progressive House, Electrohouse, Dubstep). Which one is the best. PL30, E30, E10, or CKM50. I already got the CKM50.
Agreed. Save money for a DAC/amp rather than a standalone portable amp. The D2000s just don't need it.
So the CKM77 is an upgrade to the CKM50 and the Isurus! What a deal, I know what I'm buying when my next paycheck comes in. I thinking I'm starting to like the CKM50 but it feels like something is missing that was in the Isurus, but I don't know anymore I sold my Isurus to a friend. I'm an EDM listener and I love bass, the Isurus had bass, but it also had this clarity that I think is missing from the CKM50, we'll see after moar burn in.
Yeah that would be a better choice imo.
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