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Title says it all. It would be great if someone made a tutorial on how to make wood cups. I really wanna learn how for my Denon D2000 and Fostex T50 RP
Was actually gonna think about making one when recabling for the first time myself. I recabled my Denon D2000, It was pretty straight forward and easy. you just gotta make the cable first (sleeve it and terminate it with a plug). Soldering to the drivers was easy but when I had to solder it to the plug? Now that was a be eye tee see eh-ch. I still haven't managed to solder it 100% correctly. I can use the headphones but when I wiggle the wire the left channel with stutter...
I really wanna recable the ckm50s with an iBud cable (they have mic, remote, and volume control). Does anyone know how to open them?
not on eBay    
Where can I find E30s for $28 or less?  
The E30s are probably better, they cost more though.    
Saying the D2000s are boring is like saying sugar isn't sweet    
Someone explain something. I was listening to my CKM50s then put on my Denon D2000, and I felt like something was missing from the Denons, I think its the mid-bass hump, can someone confirm? And can anyone do a SQ comparison between CKM-50 and D2000, regardless of soundstage. I'm confused.
LOL those are my genres right there, D2000 is perfect for those. I think OP is mistaken or has a source problem. My suggestion is to let them burn in, get a DAC/amp like a FiiO E10, and lossless FLAC/ALAC files for music. I think its a source problem because the D2000 has GREAT amounts of sub-bass. But if you really dont like them and want bass I suggest downgrading to HFI-580   Edit: I see OP already has an E10
Can someone compare the CKM77 to the SoundMagic E30s?
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