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umm.. Used or refurbished can go for around 200
Denon D2000. Good bass, good overall sound, good sounstage for gaming.
They need to be able to be plugged into my computer, I don't care if I have to buy 10 different things, the total need to be $100 or though. Maybe a little bit over is fine, but not too much. The person I'm getting these for listens to mainly hip-hop.
So the E17 would not be able to drive modded T50RPs?
RECABLE! Get a mogami, jenna, zysonic doesn't matter, but recabling makes the D2000 sound a good bit better. Sounds a little brighter in the beginning but its overall for clear. All I need now is wooden cups and Jmoney pads.
How do they sound... honestly 
Just comment, and I'll PM you with my question.
Title says it all. It would be great if someone made a tutorial on how to make wood cups. I really wanna learn how for my Denon D2000 and Fostex T50 RP
Was actually gonna think about making one when recabling for the first time myself. I recabled my Denon D2000, It was pretty straight forward and easy. you just gotta make the cable first (sleeve it and terminate it with a plug). Soldering to the drivers was easy but when I had to solder it to the plug? Now that was a be eye tee see eh-ch. I still haven't managed to solder it 100% correctly. I can use the headphones but when I wiggle the wire the left channel with stutter...
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