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Does anyone know what diameter nylon multifilament would fit over 4 braided 24 AWG wires? Im going to rip apart a mogami 2534 and make it into a cable.
Really? You think its that much better? I'm sold on the Mad dogs and as they're closed they'd be ok for traveling, which I do a bit of anyway. But if you say the D1 is worth it and I should go with it rather than the E17s I'll just get IEMs for travel.
Im torn 3 ways coming from the D2000. My options are He-400 w/velour + E17, Paradox + E17, and Mad dog + E17. I've been hearing that a lot of people are moving from the Denon sound signature to the He-400 without looking back. I just want to upgrade but I feel like with my limited budget it will just be a side-grade. I listen to EDM, Alternative, and movies. I really dont want to spend more money than I have to so Im thinking to just go for the mad dogs, yeah? Oh and if...
I have a Xonar DG currently and use DH avidly with movies and games (about 50% of the use my headphones. The other 50% is music, I think the DG has an ok DAC already so idk if I should go for the E17. My portable setup is just my iPhone 4S, it has a decent DAC, and I wouldnt be able to use the E17 dac with it anyway, so I thought maybe the E11 and my current DG is a better choice than an E17
Would a Xonar DG + FiiO E11 allow me to experience the HE-400 properly or is the FiiO E17 the bare minimum?
Has anyone tried these with Dolby Headphone and watched a movie or played a game. How does it compare to Denons
i thought techflex made teflon wire sound really bad
multifilament it is. I tried to deconstruct a scrap length of 2893, cut it in half and braid the 8 resulting strands so I could see if I could make a BTG style cable but i got lost so fast. How did you learn to braid 8 strands like that? i think Ill have to end up getting 2534 and quad braid it then sleeve it in multifilament for my next cable.
If I braided 4 strands of navships spc and sleved it in techflex would that get rid of the microphonics?
Holy crap you're BTG? I just saw you on eBay while looking for recabling materials. I'm assuming the OFC 26 awg cable you sell is the same conductor used in Mogami 2893, am I correct?
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