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overhead? SE? hardwire split? "swing"? balanced mode?
What would you all say the minimum DAC and amp requirement would be for the MDs? I'm not sure if I asked this already. Would a Xonar DG and FiiO E11 do?
Pictures added!
I made my D2000 portable as the title suggests. Its terminated with a 3.5mm plug. The thing sounds great, Highs and bass became more detailed after recable. Good condition. 7/10. Cups have some scuffs on them, very very small pieces of paint has begun to chip away on the frame. Headband and pads are still good, no tears. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES. MAKE AN OFFER! ANY OFFER!
Would it make navships SPC wire tolerable, people here say its terribly noisy.
So does paracord and nylon filament reduce cord noise/mircophonics?
I drool over your 8 braid. I would just buy it but Im a poor highschool student. I tried braiding 8 strands and i suck at it, im only capable of 4 strands. I think 22-24 awg is the closest thing I could get to that spec wise. Does the 3/16 nylon multifilament expand or contract at all? Also does anyone know if paracord expand or contract at all?
Does anyone know what diameter nylon multifilament would fit over 4 braided 24 AWG wires? Im going to rip apart a mogami 2534 and make it into a cable.
Really? You think its that much better? I'm sold on the Mad dogs and as they're closed they'd be ok for traveling, which I do a bit of anyway. But if you say the D1 is worth it and I should go with it rather than the E17s I'll just get IEMs for travel.
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