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Sorry to bug about pads again, but has anyone done a comparison of all the possible pads for the HE-400. Like HM5s, pleather, velour, jerg, and this http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Momentum-Black-Headphone/dp/B00AYT62FO/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1374394640&sr=1-2&keywords=momentum, etc.
Hey don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The HE-400s with the modi/magni is a solid set up. I like it a lot. The only thing you have to worry about after that is pads; there are a lot of options and opinions: HM5, Velour, Pleather, Jerg, Lawton Angle, etc. I don't even know... All I've tried is pleathers, which are good but I want to try something else. Lawton pads look promising.
Has anybody experience with HE-400 custom cables like BTG, plussound, double helix, and toxic? Does the sound change/benefit from custom cables at all?
I have not tried that, have you? Oh and thanks for providing the free velours!
  ._. I thought everyone agreed that the stock velours were better..
Having some minor problems with the stock velour pads.They sound pretty good, but they aren't the most comfortable; they fit sort of awkwardly. My D2000 used to fit my head perfectly and I didn't have any comfort issues. Has anyone tried Denon pads or Lawton Audio pads on the HE-400s? Is there anything better than stock velour?
Whoa! I just did some research on the 4S dac/amp.. Its one of the best out there out of all mobile phones. Well if I'm going to get an E07K or an E17 it has to be justified. Listening to my HE-400s out of my 4S sounded just fine to me. Subjectivity aside, is the E07K's amp output objectively better than the 4S?
How does the E07K sound with the HE-400? I just got a pair with a Schiit Magni and am using them with my Xonar DG. I love them! I tried plugging them into my 4S and it sounded fine to me, I don't know why everyone says these things need an amp. Anyway maybe its because I've only had them for a day and I can't really tell at this point. I was thinking maybe I should pick up an E17 for use as a DAC with my PC ( I think my Xonar DG sounds great, but maybe an E07K will be...
So what are the best pads on these again?
Already have a Xonar DG and an iPhone 4S. I think both have pretty decent DACing capability, but I'm afraid that when I get the HE-400 they wont be enough. The FiiO E17, FiiO E12, Schiit Magni, and the Objective 2 stand out to me. I just want the best sound, if my Xonar DG has a good enough DAC then it'll probably be between the E12, Magni and the O2. What do you guys think?
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