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Hey guys.   I'm about to buy some Ultrasone DJ1s and I heard they're not that comfortable. I was thinking I could stick the sony XB series pads on them for comfort. The sony XB pads look awesomely comfortable. Does anyone know where I can find some. OH and what other pads should/can I use with the DJ1s.
Wow. Awesome review. You really can't beat its performance for the price eh? Anyways I'm really interested in these, I was actually saving up for the Ultrasone Dj1s or the HFI-780s but I think my little brother will want these for gaming.
I actually meant Fischer Audio FA-003 and Grado Sr-80i
I think I'm leaning towards Dj 1 PRO. Any objections. Is it worth the extra money. Also I need a site where I can find cheap prices for these.
So... what exactly is a soundstage?
Also, what about HFI-780?
I just read up on the Dj 1 and the Dj 1 PROs. So Dj 1= HFI 580? Would the Dj 1 PROs be better? 
I messed up on my copy pasta, and the poll. I meant Grado Sr-80i
Thanks for the help! But explain lol. I just wanna know why they're better than the M50s
Okay so I'm new to headphones, I am looking to purchase a new high-end pair of headphones. I come straight from Skullcandies so I do not know much about what determines If a headphone is good or not. But I have been researching a few headphones and I have small idea of what I want but I still need help (going to be my first real pair of headphones). I want an all around headset I guess. I think I want something transparent/neutral, not sure HELP ME OUT! I like bass for...
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