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Well if this makes more sense for why not to have the STX, I'm running a 4 year old PC. Core 2 Duo, DDR2 ram, 550 watt psu.
  Oh believe me I'm an avid dolby headphone user, but even with my current card I could have it stream DH through wave to an external DAC like the E17/E07k. And why does power suppy matter if I'm using a magni?
Note to self: Sound needy on Head-Fi
I have a Xonar DG and for some reason I just don't feel like an STX would make a huge difference... I'm using the same amp anyway. I'm trying to stay away from internal cards, an E07k/E17 wouldn't have an as good or better dac?
Just wanted to chime in on this... First time using navships and yeah the cable is somewhat nice, but it was coiled in a weird way for shipping or something because after I braided the 4 strands of #26 AWG SPOFC the cable had memory... even still... It wont bend certain ways and it always wants to coil and bend on its own. Probably my fault though.
A Lyr costs more than the cans themselves, not sure if I can justify that. Actually, screw justification, I couldn't afford a Lyr even if I wanted one. What I can afford is maybe an E07k or E17. Since I already have amping covered for desktop operation with my magni, would either of them paired with the magni bring them to 97%?
Seriously guys, what's going on?   I'm starting to feel like my Magni isn't enough to make my HE-400s shine, but that isn't what everyone is saying on this website... Maybe it's the settings I'm using on my Xonar DG or the card itself. So what are the best amps for the HE-400?
I went to and bought mogami 2534 and stripped it down for the wires, but that's just me...
The way I see it, you have two options. You could get 25 feet of #28 AWG 19 strand SPOFC from navships on eBay or you could get the fancy  #28 AWG copper only wire that plussound sells on eBay. To be honest, altough I don't believe fancy wire makes much of a difference, I'd go for the fancy wire  just for convenience and availabilitity's sake; where else are you going to find #28 AWG stranded copper only wire; You may not like the bright sound of SPOFC and also it'd be...
To me, it sounds like #26 AWG would be the thickest you go, maybe #28 AWG is better. And are you looking for fancy shmancy 7N UP-OCC cryo-treated copper/SPC or normal OFC/SPOFC?
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