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Haven't been here in a while. So what are the best IEMs under $50 lately?
The only thing they sell for the F30 right now is the subwoofer :(
We'll... It's a lease so I think I have to keep it stock.
So I have 2013 BMW 328i (F30) with Hi-Fi, no HK sound (standard in the US) and I want to know what EQ settings to use to get the most out of the standard speakers. I kind of regret not getting the HK system but hearing the standard system, it's not that bad it just needs to be tuned. Have any of you got your F30s to sound good with different EQ settings?
So then I'm guessing an modi would be solid too.
Soooo... best dacs for HE-400? Besides the Xonar STX of course :D
For what it's worth, I'd rather see the prettiest girl at school naked than in a $10,000 dress. 
So let me get this straight, with regards to the HE-400, DAC FOR DAC,  E17 sucks, Modi, is good, and Xonar STX is best for under $200.
Well if this makes more sense for why not to have the STX, I'm running a 4 year old PC. Core 2 Duo, DDR2 ram, 550 watt psu.
  Oh believe me I'm an avid dolby headphone user, but even with my current card I could have it stream DH through wave to an external DAC like the E17/E07k. And why does power suppy matter if I'm using a magni?
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