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Wow.. just got these from DAHMART off of Amazon for $205 (refurbished but look brand new) and they sound amazingly well without an amp.  I've been using the HD25-1 ii for about a year and a half and my initial impressions of the Amperiors so far is that the sound is much more refined and cleaner resulting in better separation and detail, and the bass is a lot tighter and impactful.  Definitely worth the upgrade over hd25-1 ii imo!! 
Have you tried the dt1350? They are quite neutral and much more separation than the hd25-1.
yup skin oil, just wipe it after each use
I have both, I don't notice any improvements with them.     
yea same here, either I got use to the sound or it actually did change because I preferred my m-50's over the HD-25s, but now I like the Hd25's better.    
hd25-1's !! Even though I hated them at first : )
Make sure your ipod volume limit is not set too low and make sure your laptop system sound isn't lower than your headphone output sound setting.
what's your source?
Nice writeup, but I think you forgot to mention purchasing from an authorized dealer.
I think that is still sold third party. Looks like from "buy depot."
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