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I agree, I think the lack of pattern is the pattern. Note too how much metal shows through. It's not a complete layer, more of a random schmear...Can't hurt to give it a shot....
Got a response, here is a picture. I plan to try this on my next build using some silicon caulk:
Nicely done Leo!
 I have shot a PM to devouringone3 to ask for pictures of the goop in Joe Grado's modified version of the HP. Hopefully he is still checking PMs/getting emails for them and still has the headphones or pictures of their interior. I am interested intrying this, both with some bog-standard SR60 drivers and the Sennheisers.
What changes in the cup would level it out, and would leveling it out be beneficial?
 Looks like a super-neat, well done job. I got a visit from Jim, the local woodturner I know, last night. He dropped two pairs of Lignum Vitae off that he finished yesterday morning:   
Indeed they are. I have a Grado cup modeled on the a Beyerdynamic cup's dimensions that, through much a use, uses a G-Cush pad. It sounds just a little too anaemic with all of the Grado drivers I have tried. The mass flattens them all out. The PX95 might fit the bill for them perfectly.
 ...drop JoeDoe and 7Keys a PM, and they can get you in the line... The cups on the tour unit are smaller, mushroom-less ones made by 7Keys :)
...built these today. I beleive I have the PX95 drivers in them. I can confirm @wje 's findings...these are bassier than the PX100 ii. I plan to move them over to something that might just suit them perfectly after a day or so of trying them in these...         It's the cheaper version of the Auvio headband that wje discovered at Walmart, and the cups are a pair of Cabillas' that I have had lying in reserve for a while now.
 Nicely done!
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