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   No...please elaborate. Sounds fascinating...
Hi All,   The title says it all. Looking for one of the above amps or amp/DAC combos, with particular interest in the Meier portables, or the RSA Hornet. Let me know what you have...   Thanks,
Glad you like them! I've always thought the 225 is the sweet spot if you're going to mod a pair of Grados...
From what Rhydon told me the cups are designed affect the driver as little as possible, hence the minimalist look and the foam mounting of the drivers. I haven't heard the all aluminium Magnums, but I suspect the V7 in the C3 cups will definitely be a different beast...
...received the Phillips SH300 yesterday evening....was a touch disappointed when I saw the J-cord and the quality of the cable, but am enjoying it. Turns out the J-cord is handy for knowing which bud is left and which is right in the dark, and isn't annoying on one side, since the cable, crappy though it may seem, is light enough not to drag. Not sure if this was intentional good industrial design, but I'll run with it :).   Sound signature is nice...good bass, clear...
Not sure if this will ellicit many responses, but is anyone here using a Millett MAX hybrid amp with their Grados?
 Dropped you a PM. Let me know if this is still available. Thanks!
 Does anyone have an ETA on th Blox flagship at all?
  LMAO...you bugger...I was watching those...forgot about them though and remembered when the auction was done. Nice find! How do they sound compared to the Nhoord, Ypsilon and the Magnum builds you've done?
Sent you a PM yesterday morning. Is it still available?
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