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   LMAO...that's an interesting change in pricing. Certainly aggressive...
...I should have a pair of the Shozy Stardust/BK coming in in the next week or so. Saw them on @ClieOS list (with a high ranking)...anyone else getting/have a pair?
 No worries...this thread is helpful too: http://www.head-fi.org/t/616052/full-grado-labs-history Happy reading :)
 Ah! No worries...so, way back, before the "e" and "i" series was the plain old SR series. Some of the oldest examples of the SR80 and SR60, and very rarely, some of the SR125 and the SR225 from back then are unique in that the white cheesecloth over the face of the ear-side of the driver discolored with time, and turned an interesting dirty shade of pink. These drivers sound slightly different from the run-of-the-mill Grado. Some say because old Joseph had more of a hand...
   If its any help, I really like the old Grado sound signature found in those vintage "pink" driver SR80. I find similarities between them and the Nhoord. Your mileage may vary of course.
 Hmmmm....this might be worth exploring. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I've found a source for the spring steel.  I've seen those glued into place on occasion. Thing is, if you want to dismantle them later, you can't after you've glued them.
@joeq70   @Konstantin690     Gents, I love that we have a regular crew on here enthusiastically trying and measuring these various drivers. Let's keep it civil though. I'm no mod (my views on politics and government in general might point to why), but let's keep it civil. I smell an escalation of emotions coming on. We all have different builds, with different cups, different pads and most importantly, different sets of ears and brains listening. At best we can hope...
 If anyone makes the rodblocks let me know too, or else I'm going to have to figure it out ...not keen to make them from wood, I don't think it would be durable enough.
 Thank you 
 Congrats. Those cups, I was pretty proud of them. Hope you like them as well.
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