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I realize this is probably my longest post in this thread....I have been lurking for a while. You might know me from the T50rp threads and the Grado modding threads. I am a recent convert to orthos/planars. I am currently really enjoying making Thunderpants style woodies in my workshop. I decided it would be worth starting to tentatively explore outside of the T50rp realm a little while ago...   So the results of my trade for a pair of my T50rp woodies came in the mail a...
Okay, team Canada roll far we have @cocopro, @RedJohn456 and @waynes world...anyone else? Lee over at VE sent an extra couple of sets of buds when he sent over the US tour units to cover emergencies...he has graciously given us the green light to kick off the Canada tour using one of these instead of waiting until the US tour ends.   If you're keen send me a PM with your city so I can plan the route and get this started up!
 I use this stuff wrapped around the driver....provides a great snug fit:
 Unfortunately I have never heard the CK4 :( VS the X5 though it cmes close. The X5 is more "serious" and analytical. The X3K "hi-fi" and fun.
 I tried my M2C with the new X3. Wasn't quite as good as the VE Zen or Asura, but wasn't awful :).
So the trader is a fellow head-fier...he was going to send me a straight black pair. There were problems though, and so he switched them out for these, which he said are a genuine, stock red pair, no mods...both pairs of cans are NOS. This is my first time around with any ortho aside from the T50rp...REALLY looking forward to the experience.Just a little...need to slow down. Also got a new amp in the mail yesterday. A very minty vintage Advent 300. Sounds gorgeous,...
Been mucking about in the garage again...this time Paduak: Also traded a Woody build for these two pairs: Looking forward to more ortho madness! TDS 5 M and TDS16
Well, well, well....this is an interesting turn of events.
 Funny, was thinking of using no foams today....didn't do it, but might tomorrow. With donut foams they they fit me great.
 Glad you like them :)...look up Four Tet too... Flying Lotus is actually Alice Coltrane's grand-nephew, and repeatedly pays homage to Jay-Dilla as well if that gives you some context. I am unwillingly joining the hype-train here. I hate seeing too much over-exuberant love for a new product that's barely been tested...I spent some more time this afternoon with my X5/E12 combo and the Zens though, and I am still thoroughly enjoying these earbuds. Usually I am back on...
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