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 Nicely done sir :).
 I feel your pain...I would love to have a pair as well, I just know it would never be fiscally responsible to do with my mortgage, wife and kid in the background. I am thinking of getting some RS1, but even those make me sweat a little...
LMAO...three pairs of pinks have fallen prey to me. Feel no shame. DIY OR DIE.
Hi All,   I have finally lost my mind and would like to purchase a pair of RS1. I am more curious about the RS1 or the RS1i,but if you have some RS1e, and the amount I am offering works for you, let me know.   Price should include shipping within the United States. Let me know if you have a pair you want to part with.   Thanks.
 Not sure about the KZ stuff, but compared to the others, the differences remind me of the differences between the Grado SR60, SR80, SR125, SR325, etc, etc...all share a house sound (in this case, the VE sound is most appealing and highly addictive), all offer different levels of refinement. At $5 though, the Monk is a no-brainer.
 I have been using my Monk semi-regularly with my iPhone 5. I have the beta Monk as well. I heard the beta Asura and the release version of the Asura as well. As I suspected, just as the beta Asura lost some of the bass emphasis when it went into production, so did the Monk. What's left is a very capable, shockingly cheap earbud. Think Zen, with less refinement. Perfect for giving you that Zen fix when you are out and about and unwilling to lug an amp along. I think...
 So I might have read, in my meandering on the internet, that the SR-200 Blackstars were drivers left over by Joseph after he did his HP1000. The implication was that he had rejected them/they were B-stock. I am not 100% sure though, as I also read the B-stock were used in a second and third run on the HP series (HP 2 and HP 3)...so who knows for sure :) I reckon its worth a shot though if you don't want to pony up the $1500.
Bahahaha...seriously, no ways. I do not want to go down that path...it would kill all the joy in building headphones for me.
LMAO...not sure about being a brand name...cCasper does awesome pictures though. Haven't listened to them yet. Should be back with me in a few days. His impressions are positive so far.
   If you haven't tried a SennGrado yet, git it a go. The results are remarkably satisfying. This is my latest SennGrado build: http://www.head-fi.org/t/212768/pics-of-headphones-rules-one-pic-no-words/4620#post_11806230 Its a little more fancy than my usual stuff. Most times I simply have a nice wooden Grado-style cup in a Sony MDR7502 headband and normal L-Cush pads...
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