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 Nice :).  I like my Infinities. Not that Im an expert. Nice, neutral sound, easy to drive from my Cabridge Audio Azur amp (I also used them to great effect with a vintage Advent Model 300). I did have to refoam them though. First time doing that and its not the cleanest work I've ever done. Got it finished successfully though.
 @jaywillin What speakers are those? They look remarkably like my Infinity RS125...
 Agreed. Despite my misgivings and suspicions aside, after hearing the different models I have listened to, I think there is a difference between the drivers (even though they are visually indistinguishable from each other in the "i" versions and prior). 
 They will indeed.
Hi All,   I am finding myself inundated with stuff I am just not using (mostly earbuds). I need to clear out the lot, so without further ado:   $30 will get you these two: Blox M2C (2013 Edition) Blox BE3   I also have the following: FiiO X1 (first gen), silver, with brown leather Dignis case - $50 FiiO E12 - $50 Koss Portapro recabled for Pono Balanced operation - $25 Echo TDS 16 Orthodynamics, Smela version - $50 Pico DAC - $125 iRiver H320, Rockboxed...
 You're too kind sir. Thank you.
 If you're in the US, you can contact Grado directly. They usually happily send a replacement for free.
 Great stuff!
 Yes...I trim some cylinders, make sure the ends are ruler flat, glue and then clamp. After they've set, I pull them out of the clamps, mount them on the lathe and start working them.  Nice...I like taking the black plastic out of the face on those SR325/1/e cups and replacing it with wood. 
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