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...odd...this thread said it was locked yesterday, now all good I guess .
 Jim was worried when he saw it was spalted (apparently a lot of spalted wood has pulpy, soft sections in it because the spalting is caused by mold in the wood). He told me this morning the piece was very good...hard all the way through.
Jim had some time to turn a few pairs of cups this weekend, and wanted to try his hand at the GS1000 shape, as well as do a pair of our personal design in Lignum...the results are rather nice:   Tigre Caspi   Honduran Rosewood:   Lignum Vitae:   The Lignum are nice and light in this design compared to the bulkier RS1-style cut he did for me before. Am tempted to hand mine back to him and ask him to slim them down like these... circumnaural Grados...I am working on a more comfortable cup based on the Beyer DT cups using Grado drivers...have tried it in Walnut, and it works nicely. Trying to figure out a decent headband...tricky as heck finding that...
 They look about planning to use fully liberated drivers with foam tape around their edges?
 They look about right...are you planning to use fully-liberated drivers, with foam tape around the edges?
...okay, the PK2 DIY definitely benefit from time, be it a burn-in or a psycho-acoustics thing. Left them plugged into a moderately loud radio again last night. They are fuller, richer than my PK3 and more fun than my M2C (2013/2014 edition). They are definite keepers it seems. I actually find myself reaching for them over my Magnum X build, but that could just be new toy syndrome. All listening was done on a Fiio X5, using FLAC at 16/44. Music varied, from bassier stuff...
...they (or my ears) are changing by the the moment I would say its ten bucks well spent...if the trend continues, it's ten bucks very well spent's because he said "faggotry"...bad karma... All silliness aside, I would have had an aneurism by now if I were in your shoes...your persistence is to be admired...
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