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Sweet. Thanks Francky!
Beautifully done :). Where did you source the gimbals? I checked Audeze's site, but they seem to only show the rods, no gimbals (maybe I missed them)?
 Going balanced with high impedance buds really helps. Single-ended, DAPs battle to power them alone, then you head down the garden path with amps, etc....balanced you get more power. I used to swear by my Pono and my Zen V1 terminated in balanced configuration. 
 Agreed...I am loving listening to this thing at the moment. Stable UI, great sound, balanced is a dream as always. @FiiO really did hit it out of the park with this one.
 LOL...dunno yet. I get you though. With all of the whiz-bang extras DAPs are coming with these days, sometimes I mourn somewhat. That's an appealing feature of the Aune DAPs for me. Turn it on, select folder, bluetooth, no wi-fi, no using it as a DAC. Its just a DAP. That's it. To be fair to FiiO, so far it looks like none of the extras are getting in the way of what I want....a DAP.
My review unit arrived Friday. Tinkered with it on Saturday some, loaded to latest firmware yesterday afternoon. Initial impressions are good as well. Packaged well, fired up easily, and after a little poking about easy to navigate. I couldn't figure out why my tracks weren't in order no matter how I browsed to them (library or folders). Then I realized you can tap a little icon on the right in the bottom corner and sort by A to Z, track number, etc... I don't own any...
 From what I recall @wje, the originator of the SennGrado used Earzonk G-Cush...
 LOL. No worries. I ordered one from Penon this morning. Just updated to firmware 1.03 over my lunch break. Will give it some time this afternoon.
So someone kindly passed along one of the engineering samples for me to try out. It arrived last night. So far I am really enjoying it....I have a pair of Monk Plus (balanced) and they definitely benefit from being balanced. It sounds great...not sure if it meets the Aune M2, but I listened to that so long ago I can't reliably speak to it.    The UI, is as I experienced on the M2, delightfully simple. I appreciate that a lot. Sometimes more can be done with less. The...
 *sigh* These don't come up often at all either...almost a white whale. Wish I could.
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