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Thanks for the review. I was hoping someone would compare these.
I'm in.
Just read through it all. I'm in as well.
  I did this with the 940 pads on top of the stock ones as well a few weeks ago and absolutely loved how much more comfortable the M50's became. The only problem was, I still thought they sounded a little quiet in the mids compared to stock. So, I dug up the "How to make M50's mid less recessed & increase soundstage" thread: I only did the part regarding the pads since...
This would be perfect for when I'm out playing disc golf, volleyball, or whatever.
Hey let me know if you got that last pm. My computer freaked out.
Hephaes would be awesome.
Just go to one of the postings by pro audio mart or novamusik that has a buy it now or best offer. Offer around 90 bucks and they will counter offer around 120. Both are authorized dealers. I just did this less than a month ago and with a 15 dollar off thing I had from ebay, got them for around 100.
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