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Just got one of these in the giveaway, and it is one awesome little speaker. I've had a few other portable speakers; granted they were both under $30, but this speaker blows them away. It gets much louder while still sounding good, and the bass is pretty good for a tiny speaker. It is pretty easily driven by my ipod touch (75-80%) to fill my room with sound. I also plugged it in through my icon mobile, put a little more oomph into it, and it still sounded nice. The built...
*edit-I finally found spdr intl. I didn't work the first like 5 times I looked. Thanks for running this. Facebook is being dumb for me too. Anybody been able to send a message?    
I bought a bunch of grado pads to try them out, and I liked the quarter modded 414's the best. The new pair were taken out of the bag to feel but never worn. The quarter modded pair were done with scissors (so not perfectly circular) and were worn for 15 minutes to test them out. $14 shipped to conus takes em. Paypal gift or add 3% to cover the fees.   I don't have any seller feedback at head fi, but I have probably close to 100 deals with disc golf equipment on the...
I have a friend who might want this, I'll let you know
Love this thread.
Nice review. I picked up a used icon mobile and I'm loving it.
i might be interested in these if they're still available. I'll let you know
I'd be interested in pics as well
Free bump (plus i need 15 posts so I can post a classifed). Thanks for the headphones.
I am so close to picking up a pair of these, but at the moment still resisting the urge. It's a geat price
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