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Looking to trade my gold Grado 325's for a set of headphones more suited to FPS gaming. See the pics for condition. Most of the silver on the lettering was rubbed off by the previous owner. I've had them for a couple of years and rotate using them at work between my other two sets of Grado. Has the Sennhesier 414 pads with holes cut out. Looking to trade first but may switch to a sale thread if no interest for a trade. 
Final price drop. Going to ebay if they don't sell in the next week or so.
Price Drop
Nope. The 125 edition.
I have a pair of Grado sr-125's. They are in good condition and sound great. The cord has a few creases in it but no exposed wires. The bowl pads are in decent condition. Also included is a grado 1/4" adapter. I will also include the zipper hard case I kept them in (pics available on request). Price is shipped to US/Canada. Paypal gift or add 3% to cover the fees. Looking mostly to sell. Feel free to make an offer if you don't like the price. Pics are below but also...
Lowered prices. Feel free to make offers as well.
Prices are shipped to US/Canada. If somewhere else, let me know and we can work out the slight price increase for shipping. Will entertain trade offers as well.   Dunu Hephaes-$50 shipped obo   These are brand new. I got these and haven't had the time to even unwrap the box since I got some sr100's and a pair of ath-2 shortly after. They are recommended to have 200 hrs of burn in on them and I just don't think I'll get around to getting these burned in. I don't...
For my senior design class we have to redesign something. We chose a bbq grill and need some survey type data for our next assignment. I'd be grateful if I could get some of your thoughts and ideas. Just answer in the thread and I'll take it from there. Thanks -Chris Survey Thank you for choosing to participate in this brief survey.  For research purposes please list your age and gender in the space provided below.  Listed below are 10 questions, please fill out...
Price drop. If they don't sell today, they're going up on ebay tomorrow night
Now selling instead of looking for pads.
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