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 Creative cards do pipe their headphone surround (CMSS-3D Headphone or SBX Pro Surround, depending on model) through TOSlink/optical, actually. Verified it myself. Whether you prefer either of those to Dolby Headphone or not is another matter, and one you'll have to decide for yourself.
 Sorry about the delayed response; haven't been on Head-Fi in a while. They're near-mint, complete in box, and due to current circumstances, I actually am thinking of selling them! (Normally, I wouldn't.)
 This is the important part. Without that, Source engine games use software audio mixing, no DS3D. Only with it enabled can ALchemy do its job right.
If the deadzone problem is rooted in the game engine's audio mixing, no virtual surround DSP is going to fix that. The sound driver won't receive any more sound from the game just because you ticked virtual surround on. About all I can suggest is to try out the usual Source engine DirectSound3D + ALchemy trick. That will inherently cause CS:GO to mix the audio differently.
I haven't even heard of the 10R until now, much less tried one.It appears to be a drastically different design from the F1 and MA900, too, so it's not going to feel the same in all likeliness.
Sony MDR-MA900. Mad Lust Envy wasn't kidding about that comfort.   The discontinuation means you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to find one under $200, though, let alone $150 like when it was still in production.   Still thinking about parting with mine, but only because this month's gonna be tight.
 Did they ever keep you updated in between? Seems like this was a surprise and they just kinda left you in the dark despite your inquiries.
AOpen already did that back in 2002!
I agree on waiting a bit since it's the eve of the Intel Z97 chipset launch, but I'm not expecting dramatic improvements in sound quality.You want to be guaranteed good sound? Get a sound card, that's the only way to be sure. (Unless you're going mini-ITX, then you won't have the room with a graphics card installed.)Speaking of motherboards, I should do something about that spare Maximus VI Hero board I bought in case something went seriously wrong with my first one. I...
Your system's probably clipping because you EQed above the neutral point. Drop that rightmost LEVEL slider or your overall volume and tell us if the problem stops.
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