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 You got the SRM-T1 fixed? Sweet!
 The main DSP feature is headphone virtual surround, but if you're into older PC games, proper DirectSound3D (via ALchemy) and OpenAL support becomes a big concern, because they sound like crap without it. S/PDIF = coaxial or optical/Toslink digital output. Your Xbox One has an optical-out on the back. Your computer's loudness is only a consideration if the fan noise gets to the point where you want the added isolation of closed headphones over open ones. It's more of a...
External USB DACs = no headphone virtual surround.   Get a sound card if that's what you want. If you're really audiophile about it, get a cheap sound card with the DSP features you want and then pipe its S/PDIF output to an external audiophile DAC.   As for headphone recommendations, I suppose that depends on your tastes. I'm actually a bit hesitant to recommend the HE-400 because while it's a pretty good headphone for bass and treble, I personally cannot stand the...
Like I said before, local yard sale.No manual, but nevertheless, I made out like a bandit.
Does this mean I better put my $1 copy of Suikoden II on eBay ASAP?   I normally wouldn't, but I'm kinda short on cash right now.
Next time I'm in the position to blow $300+ on headphones, I'm treating myself to another Stax SR-Lambda in as close to original condition as can be reasonably expected for a vintage headphone like that. Maybe it'll be a Koss ESP/950 instead, but now we're talking $600+ with an amp that most people replace with a proper Pro bias Stax amp and make adapter cables for. The days of $350 BIN ESP/950s on eBay are long past.
It'll work, but you won't be getting Dolby Headphone-mixed audio, which will mean crippled stereo mixing with no sense of front and rear. I can't compare to the HD598, sorry. Not fair to talk about headphones I haven't personally evaluated.
Let me clarify that statement on TrueAudio: when I said it was a "CPU-alternative approach", I meant it in much the same fashion as how DirectSound3D had a very crappy software renderer with hardware acceleration on sound card DSPs of the era. No sound card, no effects.But that approach was a bit more dependent on the sound card's audio processing capabilities, especially with Aureal and Creative pitching A3D and EAX respectively. TrueAudio should allow more flexibility...
EAX needs to be accessed through OpenAL or DirectSound3D, but EAX itself is NOT OpenAL or DirectSound3D, which are primarily APIs to facilitate the placement of sounds in 3D space.   OpenAL doesn't even need the proprietary EAX, really; it's been displaced by the newer EFX, which tends to be supported on non-Creative OpenAL renderers like Rapture3D.   All of that said, while both the old DS3D/OAL APIs and AMD's new TrueAudio API were generally designed with hardware...
That depends entirely on whether you're going to be gaming on that setup or not.   You add a sound card to the chain if you need its gaming DSP features; even a cheap one with S/PDIF output will suffice for that.   Otherwise, you can use S/PDIF straight from the motherboard audio codec or USB and not lose anything.
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