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Complete with remote control and original packaging.  also includes 30 pin - to - lightning conversion cable for newer iPhones.   Also selling the Cambridge Audio MagicDac for both.   pictures to come.
      Up for sale is my Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus.  I believe the value speaks for itself in all the great reviews.   Pix to come soon.  In addition to my reputation here,  I have over 200 stars on eBay under the name RobsterNY.     SALE PENDING (12/21/14)
extract the digital audio from your idevice.   charges too.  multiple digital audio out: coax, balanced and optical.   component video output too.   pictures coming.   excellent condition.   all original accessories and packaging PLUS, i am including an Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter and an extension 30-pin cable (that passes the digital audio....some cables don't). you know if the RCA analog output is variable with the ability to plug directly into powered speakers? Also, can this unit be "tricked" into working with iPad/CCK with a powered USB hub?
New accident, I used a USB extension cable (20') that i had used for a printer in the days before wifi.     iPhone 5S and iPad mini retina both work on Wadia 151 this way.   With only a regular length USB, I get the "not enough power" message.  Leads me to believe that this is not power per se.   Gonna try the same test with Cambridge MagicDac Plus.  
just like m8o....back to the obsession.  what better place to start than this meet.   last one i went to what in Tarrytown...when was that????   thanks for setting it up Boze.
selling a nearly new PURE i-20 digital dock.   excellent condition,  all original items included.   one note:  i bought this in London on a trip and it has the UK type plug on the wall wart.  i am including a converter plug that turns it into US style.  the wall wart dc power adapter itself works on all voltages.
thanks devil!   i have also heard that the circuitry...or algorithm...or whatever, needs to be licensed from Apple and apparently is a relatively high per unit cost.   i ended up buying the CA iD 100.  
I bought this unit a few months ago, and used it for about 10 hours total.  I have active monitors don't need the amp section, and as a DAC the sound is too "warm" for my tastes.   Perfect condition cosmetically and electronically.   Non smoking home.  All original packaging, remote , etc. included.   In addition to Head-fi feedback, I have 100% (183 stars) on eBay  (name:  ROBSTERNY)   Price includes PayPal fees and free shipping via UPS Ground.
Perfect condition with about 200 hours of use.  I would rate it 9/10 cosmetically.   Includes original packaging and manual.  I am the original owner.  Non-smoking home.   In addition to my Head-Fi feedback, i have 100% (183 stars) on eBay. (name:  ROBSTERNY)   Well-known and well-reviewed DAC; unfortunately I now need volume control, so ordered a CA MagicDac Plus.  (will post my comparisons soon.)   To keep it simple, my asking price includes PayPal fees...
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