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Hi |joker|,   I have a question I feel you may be well equipped to answer due to your extensive experience with many headphones. I have MTPCs, and I know it's difficult to compare IEMs with Full-sized headphones...But do you think the sound signature difference between the MTPC and Sennheiser HD598 (open-circumaural; wide soundstage) would be expectedly drastic? I recently got my MTPCs back after they've been broken for a year and coming from the HD598s to the MTPCs have...
@ben_r That cable looks great! What length was it that you purchased? I'm thinking about purchasing one now as well I don't really need the incredibly long stock cable that it came with. 
Sounds like an interesting idea. I don't have any idea on how starting a club at uoft works though. 
Question, for those that use Comply T-400 tips did you guys have to really give it a solid push so that it fits? I feel like the T400s are a bit unnatural fitting, but it works. Has anyone tried the T-500s on these? 
Haha, that's cute. She should know how lucky she is to have such a cool dad. You're gonna need some new cans now
I saw a man walking around campus with what seemed to be Grade 325s. I'm not sure how loud he had to put his music, I wouldn't feel too comfortable with wearing those outdoors either. 
Yeahhhhh we use the same combo to drive the 598s!!! 
I have no experience with the Philips, but I do have the CAL and enjoy them a lot. They are pretty well regarded and are incredible bang for the buck. Tyll has them on his wall of fame for closed cans on innerfidelity if that means anything to you lol. 
Glad you've had a change of heart! I have the E17+E09K combo right now and am enjoying the sound outta them. But from what many have said they sound amazing out of regular headphone outs too. 
Thanks I'll check those two out.  Got the Prince Mononononoke DVD =)
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