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Exactly but with better internals
Is there any mini usb dac available (similar to fiio k1) in the market for smartphones which has buttons and mic for calls. That could be a great addon
Am I the only one feeling this? Apple music in Android sounds little bit better with the same file through other players   I purchased some songs through itunes which I can play either through Apple Music's My Music or any other 3rd party players   To me Apple Music sounds bit cleaner and better than other players
**Could anyone answer my query please? apologies if the question is noob type   If I connect headphone amp to a smartphone's 3.5mm output then the output impedance of the headphone amp will be same as it's own default value or does it reflect the smartphone's output impedance?   For eg: if the smartphone's output impedance is 5 ohm and the headphone amp's default output impedance is 1 ohm then what will be the final output impedance after connecting both?
  Are you trying to say that HTC 10 headphone out is better than Fiio E17 connected through the above mentioned phones ?
Still no details on htc 10's output impedance Could anyone share the info if you have please?
I recently purchased Moto G3 (2015) for interim purpose as my phone started giving problems. I just tried to listen some music without any expectations   Surprisingly the sound quality is good and another surprising fact is the bundled ear buds (not IEM). I was wondering why they bundled earbuds but they sound really nice   Together phone with bundled earbuds sounds pretty decent (though you cannot expect iphone 4s level) but fantastic for their price   Just wanted...
You are right. Many people say that htc 10 is superior and in fact some are comparing with dedicated media players like ak and ibasdo. But in terms of phone I prefer s7 due to overall weight, ergonomics and home button to answer call ( I really like this Samsung feature). So I am thinking if s7 is atleast close to htc 10 and if the difference in sound quality is not that high then I go for s7
Could you please let me know if your galaxy s7 is from EU? I mean does it have EU volume cap?Also it would be really helpful you could tell us if signature difference between htc 10 and s7Thanks
By any chance did anyone pick the new Galaxy A5 (2016) Exynos model? This seems to have last year Galaxy S6 internals and I am thinking if it goes the same with the sound quality as well. Its cheaper when compared to pricier Galaxy S7 and have basic things   If anyone has this phone please share your thoughts on the sound quality   Thanks
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