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By any chance did anyone pick the new Galaxy A5 (2016) Exynos model? This seems to have last year Galaxy S6 internals and I am thinking if it goes the same with the sound quality as well. Its cheaper when compared to pricier Galaxy S7 and have basic things   If anyone has this phone please share your thoughts on the sound quality   Thanks
Now HTC 10 being one of the best audiophile smartphones, do anyone know the output impedance of this phone?
 All european audio products including smartphones with bundled earphones should have EU Volume Cap (EU Volume cap 80db tested with bundled earphones). So if the included earphones has high impedance then 80db cap with bundled earphones can sound louder with 20 ohm earphones. (Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong) This is the case with iphone. iphone's bundled earpods has 43 ohm impedance and hence if I listen with typical 16 ohm earphones I feel EU iphone is louder than...
http://www.androidcentral.com/hands-nextbit-robin-update-major-improvement   "Nextbit worked with the French audio enhancement company Arkamys to improve the signal processing software, and it's instantly noticeable — in a good way. Music from both the front-facing speakers and the headphone jack sounds fuller, more separated and cleaner. This carries well when turning the volume up, and even at maximum levels you'll appreciate clearer (and louder) sound"
Is your phone EU volume capped?
 It says htc 10 has external DAC. any idea what that is? Wolfson, Sabre?? Also can anyone tell me how the included high-res earphones sounds like? Is it great or good?
Just out of curiosity..is there any smartphone crowdfunded by head-fi group?   there are around 400,000 members in this group, why there is no initiative for a good audiophile smartphone tailored for head-fi members?
Can any htc 10 owners confirm if its possible to answer call using home button like in Samsung phones? I feel this is very essential as physical button pressing is much more convenient than sliding
Galaxy S7 Exynos has Cirrus Logic DAC   http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/mobile-phone/best-audio-phone-2016-uk-whats-best-phone-for-music-lg-g5-htc-10-3633585/#s7-internal   " This comes from Samsung ditching the Wolfson DAC and replacing it with Cirrus Logic's CS47L91 Audio Codec, which is found in the G930F (Global) and G930FD (Southeast Asia) models that use the Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset"
 Exactly, even I'm feeling the same. After going through all 28 pages still not clear whether to go for exynos s7 or not To me both htc 10 and s7 looks good overall but not sure about sound quality
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