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Could anyone pls help me on this?   I need to remove eu volume cap somehow but in xperia z3 if we root then we will loose drm keys thereby resulting in poor low light camera performance   My question is, is it possible to install xperia's non-eu offical firmware? if so does it affect drm keys still?   Is there any way to remove volume cap and at the same time keep drm keys?
I'm using xperia z3 compact as my primary source...great sound quality..i don't know how to explain but to me everything sounds perfect atleast for me. I'm using MH1C and it is a good match for xperia z3c   earlier I was using nexus 4 with franco kernel and it was good but not at xperia z3c level but definitely my fiio e17 sounds superior to z3c   its european version and so plagued with EU Volume cap though i can manage with that level   btw initially soundstage was...
I gave a try and I am really happy with the sound quality...far superior sound quality...I guess even tidal music should have similar sound quality as both are sister concerns the only con I could see is, I am not able to download individual tracks, offline option is available either for the complete album or playlist. Are there any other work arounds?
It looks like only the US/Canada versions is sounding good, European version has mediocre sound quality   Does anyone having European G3 (855) experienced good sound quality?
Also would like to reviews about Mi4's sound quality
Hi   I'm looking for sound quality reviews of Mi3 phone but I could see reviews only about Xiaomi's piston IEMs   Can anyone provide me some feedback about Mi3's sound quality? How it sounds when compared to iphone 4s, 5 etc and what its signature like? warm or bright etc?   Appreciate your response   Thanks
 That sounds great. Can you tell me the output impedance of OPO?
 I hope you are mentioning Joker's Multi-IEM comparison thread. Yes I saw that but I could not find a single IEM matching to my taste. Thats the problemSome IEMs are analytical, some are bright, some are warm and smooth but I am not sure which will give analog, natural, organic sound just like coming from tube As far as I infer from different threads, Sennheiser HD650 has this kind of signature. Thats what I infer but not sure. Other portable headphone is Aedle VK1 (as...
 Thanks for your suggestions. Even I thought of buying SE215 but I'm wondering it will give natural organic sound which I am expecting
After trying couple of IEMs I am not satisfied completely with any of IEMs due to my signature preference   Basically I'm looking for IEM which has WARM, NATURAL, MUSICAL and ANALOG signature. I hope I have described my signature preference correctly. Also it will be better if IEM is bit forgiving (Middle of forgiving and resolving)    My budget is upto $300. I can extend bit more provided if there is any significant difference in sound quality    I tried the...
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