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 +1 5 years ago when we were having 320 kbps streaming services I use to think how nice it would be if we have similar services in lossless FLAC format
Doea anybody know the output impedance of Z3 Compact?
I thought of this kickstarter audiophile phone idea but then I thought there is no need due to phones like Marshall London   Not sure if Marshall London satisfies audiophile needs   Any Marshall London owner, your reviews would be very helpful
Can anyone tell me the output impedance of Z3 Compact?
after some trials, I found good match between components   iTunes m4a + nexus 4 (Kitkat + Franco) + MH1C   iTunes sounds doesn't sound good in other players including iphone 6 but somehow the above combination sounds very nice to me...may be every component is covering other's con   Did anyone have same experience?
 many people including tech journalists don't even know that there is a separate audiophile crowd and this phone is targeting a niche segment
London is indeed Made in England. Now that explains the cost   Mentioned at the end of this video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXtI3hExtfo
Sorry, Justifiable is not the right word. I could say they can't price it lower than this due to high cost of manufacturing
Anyone knows where London is made? Is it made in UK? If so then I think the price is justifiable 
 My gut feel is that Apple will standardize entire beats library to their default 256 kbps aac format to match their own itunes library in other words, I believe they just let their own itunes library for subscription as there is not much difference in terms of content between beats and itunes library
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