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Also would like to reviews about Mi4's sound quality
Hi   I'm looking for sound quality reviews of Mi3 phone but I could see reviews only about Xiaomi's piston IEMs   Can anyone provide me some feedback about Mi3's sound quality? How it sounds when compared to iphone 4s, 5 etc and what its signature like? warm or bright etc?   Appreciate your response   Thanks
 That sounds great. Can you tell me the output impedance of OPO?
 I hope you are mentioning Joker's Multi-IEM comparison thread. Yes I saw that but I could not find a single IEM matching to my taste. Thats the problemSome IEMs are analytical, some are bright, some are warm and smooth but I am not sure which will give analog, natural, organic sound just like coming from tube As far as I infer from different threads, Sennheiser HD650 has this kind of signature. Thats what I infer but not sure. Other portable headphone is Aedle VK1 (as...
 Thanks for your suggestions. Even I thought of buying SE215 but I'm wondering it will give natural organic sound which I am expecting
After trying couple of IEMs I am not satisfied completely with any of IEMs due to my signature preference   Basically I'm looking for IEM which has WARM, NATURAL, MUSICAL and ANALOG signature. I hope I have described my signature preference correctly. Also it will be better if IEM is bit forgiving (Middle of forgiving and resolving)    My budget is upto $300. I can extend bit more provided if there is any significant difference in sound quality    I tried the...
GSMARENA has posted their audio measurements for OPO...   Test Frequency response Noise level Dynamic range THD IMD + Noise Stereo crosstalk OnePlus One +0.02, -0.07 -94.1 93.8 0.0064 0.011 -94.3 Oppo Find 7 (headphones) +0.77, -0.05 -91.4 89.7 0.019 0.485 -53.7         Any real world subjective reviews?
 May I know which one you are referring to? Idol x+?
 I'm basically looking to replace my Nexus 4 as I'm not that happy with sound quality The problem is I'm mostly listening to average quality files (itunes stores music, mp3 etc). So I'm afraid that 5s would reveal those flaws. I was hoping that 4s will be little more forgiving
 Thanks for your input. I'm actually considering a new smartphone but since 4s has the best sound quality (Warm signature which is important to me) I thought of buying 4s but only 8gb capacity If Ipod Touch 5g sounds similar to 4s (same warm signature) then I will go with Tough 5g and use my current phone Also if Iphone 5c has similar signature then I will go for this (but 5s has bright signature)
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