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38.6lb 27.5lb 81.2lb
Noble branded boots?
Clearly you don't have the right source material and equipment necessary to tell the difference. Also you need to make sure you burn your shirt in for at least 800 hours before you wear it.
Emotiva should have a few choices for you
I tried my J3 with a Cmoy I have on hand before, and preferred that to the HO straight.
What's the cable?
 If you're looking for budget builds then BTG Audio and Headphone Lounge have some good options although they use memory wire. You can also get a Beat Audio Sapphire from for about $99usd and it's my preferred cable since it uses overmoulding as opposed to memory wire.If you're looking for more more "premium" options then Double Helix Cables offers some well received ones as does PlusSound. Moon Audio also has the Silver Dragon which seems well liked. 
I did see some promotional images for Sony's new Hi-Rez audio lineup that included this player, which leads me to think this might not be a "Limited Edition" and more of a "High End" player. Also the images displayed on this player remind me more of when Sony was putting Symbian on phones as opposed to Android.   I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this device.
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