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To the best of my knowledge, Ety does their custom sleeves like this:   1. You purchase the IEMs themselves through an authorized retailer. 2. You register on the custom sleeve website and reference where you purchased your IEMs. 3. You pay for the custom sleeves. 3. You visit one of Etymotic's network audiologists and get impressions done. The audiologist will send the impressions to Ety, Ety will make the sleeves and send them to you.   So if you can't find a...
I have a laptop that I want to use to listen to music with my Little Dot I+, however the laptop completely ruins ground and causes a ground loop when plugged in. This creates horrible noise through the amp. Using a Grub DAC sort of helps, but only in that it makes most things louder than the noise - the noise stays level. The noise is present in any other device (like my iPod Touch) connected through USB.   So basically, I need something that isolates ground from my...
I was looking for some new IEMs to replace my DBA-02s that went through the washer (whoops... they still work but the male end plug is dicey now), looking through Joker's thread, and decided on these. Went to LendMeUrEars and they're on clearance for $130 USD (163 SGD). That's not a bad deal, so if you're looking for a pair now's probably the time to pick them up.
Willing to split them up, and willing (either way) to ship to Canada (I'd pay the difference in price from CONUS to Canada USPS, so long as it wasn't too much). I'm interested (mainly in the Modi), but I'm Canadian so I would need it shipped to Canada :p  
I bought a Little Dot I+ headphone amp off another Head-Fi user recently, and when I hooked it up to my laptop I discovered something awful! First of all, there's some sort of ground loop issue or other power related issue that generates huge amounts of noise when the laptop is connected to the amp (even with the volume at 0). Secondly and, perhaps, more importantly, my laptop is a POS source.   Now, I would like to use my laptop with this amp. That's the main reason...
Interested, PM sent.  
I'm a bit interested. Might send a PM, but the price is a little iffy for me at the moment.
Interested, sent PM. Anyone have any comments on this amp?
I have the same problem. My guess is it's linked to our post count (i.e we're too new to be allowed to PM), but it should say that instead of that we've sent our allotted 2.
For some reason, I can't PM you so I'll ask here. How much for shipping to Canada?
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