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ARRG! Blast the GF and her birthday!!!
What about Greater Vancouver Area? Anyone have any specific shops?
Quote: Originally Posted by cgdef If you are thinking arround the lines of 2.1 computer audio solution (which you should not) then there are some older aureal sound cards that do an amazing job. The reason why they are no longer in production is because no one wants 2.1 sound and the people that don't care live with their onboard sound pretty well. Also Chantech AV-710 is not 2.1 card at all. It even supports optical. Well first off, there's...
Hmm, I don't know, the Chaintech card isn't bad. A very low cost solution for decent quality 2.1 audio. How much can you expect for a card which is as cheap as it is? You expecting 24hour technical support with drivers rolling out every couple weeks? This is a budget card. The overhead costs would make this card more expensive, which is not part part of Chaintech's low cost strategy. Oh well, to each their own.
Just been browsing around, and came across the TurtleBeach: Catalina 7.1 soundcard. Wondering how this compares to the Chaintech AV-710? Would you expect the same quality as the Wolfson DAC? It's supposed to be completely hardware driven (as opposed to driver). Pretty exciting! Very interested to know what you all think about this new card.
Argh. Haven't touched anime for a while... But can't wait 'til Champloo gets back to where it left off! emmpeethree: how reliable is tsbshipping? They're not going run off with your stuff?
Anyone frequent Richmond chinese malls? I've been looking for imported stuff, like earbuds and headphones, but haven't had much luck.
Hey enricht, Added you today, I'm phend-one. Anyways, I listen to a variety of music. Almost everything is good with me, though recently I've been listening to a little RnB. We need more Vancouverites! We also need killer places to shop for audio gear. Argh Canada! Crappy selection, high prices...
White Rock here. Just got started with Head-Fi and audio in general! We really need more selection and places where we can get some good audio equipment! Nice to meet you all!
Hi there, Was wondering if anyone knows any good stores in Bellingham/Belis Fair Mall to do some shopping for some Grado/Senn cans or good earbuds? Good prices? I'm from Canada, and might be making a trip this winter break. Thanks for your help!
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