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Line out out of? I'm guessing iPod since that's the most popular option. The answer short and simple is: Yes. I've been playing with my new amp and can honestly say that I would not be impressed much if I ran my go-vibe through just the headphone out. The difference to me is so small that it would not be worth justifying buying an amp. Spend the few extra dollars to get the line-out cable.
Welcome to Head-Fi!! Just want to let you know there are stickies (popular threads) such as this: Compilation of portable amps. Although it needs a little updating, it provides you with a good place to start with your price range. They are usually located at the top of each forum. After finding a few you could be interested in, search the forums for user's reviews and comments. There are tons! I noticed you have an iPod. I recommend using the Line out function of...
go vibe's price range: MkII : $69 USD MkIII: $89 USD optional: $6USD for op-amps. Headsave Go-vibe There's a deal going on now through Sept30. Both op-amps and a mini to mini interconnect at no additional cost. Pretty good deal
Purchased a Cardas mini to mini interconnect (HPI) and a SiK Din from Borat which arrived today. Cables came shipped in a 3M Super strong moisture resistant bubbled envelope. Again, great care was put in to make sure the interconnect and the SiK Din would not scratch each other during transport. Borat answered my messages promptly and had a very smooth transaction. Two thumbs up for this great seller! (I know I posted yesterday, but this is a separate...
I've heard good things about the Portapros. I actually saw my first pair on bus. They don't look as bad as I thought they would. Futureshop had a sale about a week ago for the Portapros, $39.99 I think. Do a search on this site, I posted it, but can't remember where.
I'm also interested in the accessories if you are willing to split your packaged deal.
Borat has given me confidence again in dealing with the online marketplace. This was my first transaction through Head-Fi, and I couldn't be more pleased or impressed by the service he provided. Purchased Borat's used go-vibe v2 amp. Swift seller. Communication was great and he was very patient with the million questions I bombarded him with. Very helpful in describing to me any additional information: providing links and pictures related to the purchase of the amp. Amp...
You could contact Gary of Electric Avenues (the maker of your amp) and ask him to do a slight modification to your amp. Tell him the earbuds/cans you plan to use most with this amp and he can make changes accordingly. EDIT: You'd only incur shipping costs and a small fee possibly for the service.
I agree with what Borat has to say. I'm starting out with entry level equipment which is highly recommended here. I've made a few purchases based on what I've read here all within a limited budget. To date, I've spent ~$200CAD including shipping of my purchases (Sony EX71 earbuds, Sik din Line out cable, Cardas mini to mini interconnect and the go-vibe amp). Should I decide that I enjoy my music more as a result of purchasing my earbuds and amp, then I'll go off the...
Awww, this is PERFECT! What a great find! I'll probably pick one of these up in case of "emergencies," because sometimes, enough is enough!
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