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Does buying from this Amazon Black Friday deal mean you're buying from an Authorized Sennheiser Dealer? 
Agreed, but considering how often they go below that, I'll take it. Bought.
  What is currently the best deal for HD650s right now? Razordog? I might just pass.   I have an unbuilt bottlehead crack w/speedball, are there cans that can replace the synergy with HD650?
I was waiting all day to see a HD650 sale. I am super sad right now.
I don't know if you want to use PulseAudio, but I got it working after fiddling with it for a while.   I didn't really have to do anything to get it running either. Just got the pulseaudio gnome integrated panel which allows you to choose the outputs etc. I think it's part of the gnome-media-pulse package (for Arch Linux, anyways).   Using Gnome 2.30, go to System > Preferences > Sound. This loads a window/app/panel called "Sound Preferences".   Under the...
Configuring this card has always been a pain in Linux.   Is the config you posted above modified from the's version?   BTW, just curious what distro are you doing this on?
Using Win7 x64 RTM and followed the instructions in the first post. Works fine. Only problem is I must leave the setting to Auto in the audio deck. Won't work on 44.1 strangely (gives me endpoint errors in foobar). I have no idea if it is working through the wolfson on auto mode, 2 channels. EDIT: Step 6 is not very descriptive. a) Download & extract (you may need a compression program, I used 7zip) the 4.60b XP64 drivers. b) In device manager, under "Sound,...
Having troubles with Windows 7. Does this method work with it?
Is there going to be a new guide for foobar 0.9x? Or an update of any sort?
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