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I have small ears and I just got a set of SM3 v2's, but unfortunately the stock tips don't fit me all that well.  It seems that I have small ear canals, which prevents me from inserting the tips securely (I hear ambient noise when I open my mouth more than a certain amount, etc).  My previous IEMs were Etymotic ER-6i's, which fit beautifully with the small bi-flanges, but I don't know if those will fit the SM3 because the ER-6i has a slightly larger nozzle.  Anyone have...
Hey folks, I've had my SM3 for about a week now and I'm in love.  I do, however, have smallish ears.  Can anyone recommend some slightly narrower bi-flanges?  I had the Etymotic Er-6i before these, and loved the small bi-flanges, so will those work on these headphones? I emailed Etymotic to inquire about the nozzle size of the Er-6i and they were a bit dodgy about giving me an answer, for whatever reason.
I was just wondering this because I am backing up one CD to an online storage site.  I figure that there is some kind of server-side compression done to make storage more efficient.  That being said, if I store a lossless file, say an AIFF, on a server like this, will I lose some of the audio quality (assuming I can even tell the difference) when I download it from said server?  This may be more of a programming question, but I figured that this would be the place to ask...
I'm not very familiar with LODs, or what you send the line-out to. Do you guys just plug it into your home theater or something? I'm looking for something that won't be tremendously loud (I'm in a dorm), but is still better than the run of the mill speaker-dock. I don't really have a budget as of yet, so feel free to just throw some options out there. Thanks folks.
What finish did you get on those? I can't tell if it's just a dark transparent red or something else.
Hi folks, I'm planning to enter the bottom of te custom IEM market, so I'm looking at the Heir 3.A, the JH5, the CTM-200, and the UE4. I'm looking for an energetic, fun sound. I listen to metal, so bass needs to be on the ball to handle double-bass pedal runs and seriously brutal guitar stuff. I'm really trying to decide between the 3.A and the JH5. Any advice as to which to go with?
Take a deep breath bud. As someone that gets tips stuck in my ear daily, it is really easy to remove them. I have a set of 6 year old Etymotic Er-6i IEMs, and I use the bi-flange tips. I used to use the tri-flange, but the bi-flanges work better for me. For whatever reason, the tips ALWAYS come off in my left ear. When that happens, I just put the tip of the connector in the hole of the tip where it would slide onto the IEM and dig it out that way. You could also use...
I'll consider them, thanks for suggestion.  Assuming I could get impressions for less than $100, I could feasibly afford the Clear Tune Monitors CTM-200, which joker rated quite highly.  It might not have the grunt that I'm looking for, but they look like they make music pretty well, and the prospect of owning a set of CIEMs is very appealing.  Anyone have thoughts on the CTM-200s?
Can the Gr07 still provide the same level of detail as a BA-based IEM?
I looked up the ASG-1 and it sounds like it has the grunt, but I don't know how I feel about having to EQ a $300 pair of headphones to get an adequate amount of treble.
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