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Ok my  Sony MDREX36V/BLK EXs went through the wash. They work in one ear. I put them in a bowl of rice, but any other suggestions?    
Funniest thing i heard all day    
Hit the nail right on the head with that one. 
or skullcandys or something. The're all like "whats audio technica?" "well whatever it is beats are better cause they cost more"
Actually, I did this to know that there are people out there who know that beats are bad headphones, since half my school claims that they are "extremely high end headphones" and "waaay beter than anything else" 
  That was hilarious. 
i actually thought that would be okay, since you cant make a car out of cheap plastic
Yeah but the bad thing about Pros are that they're $450.
EDIT: I'm one of the few that like Dr. Dre, but not the headphones.
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