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If you want warm and analytical with accurate bass, then you're looking for the T70p (not T70). EDIT: Anybody coming off the HD650 will still consider these bright. In which case you may need to look at Ultrasones or the HD598, which is warm and still more detailed than the HD650.
Well, there's stir around the transportable but not super portable Objective2 from JDS Labs. It's supposedly the best you'll find under $500 and it's about $150. The gain is probably too high, though it's easily fixed with two quick snips. If that's too much money, I'd look at FiiO's offerings.
  I was talking generalities with the tuned flat monitors like JBLs or tuned KRKs. I find them hard to listen to with some things. Mackies are smoother. I assume it's because they develop a gold standard which sounds good to the engineers, and then ensure your monitor is tuned within tolerances to the standard. It isn't actually ruler flat in FR, only in variance from the standard. It's a different approach from JBL who does it by analysis and gives you flat.  
FYI, the V-CAN matches quite nicely to these headphones. I don't think you'll hear better until you're dropping some serious cash.
Well... it's gonna be hard to artfully navigate the sponsors when the reality is that the SRH1840 sounds better than the T1, PS1000, HD800, HD700, RS1, Edition [insert number], LCD-3, LCD-2, D7000, and pretty much anything else out there.   But because sponsorship is slanted and the need to justify expensive purchases remains strong. These things are pretty much mediocre but still a "bargain" at their stated MSRP.   ---------------   There you have it, an...
I just checked the JDS website and they're recommending the AC adapter I just mentioned. The only adapter they usually talk about (for their Cmoy) is an AC/DC adapter with a different size plug. DC will not feed the O2 amp and let it survive. You need AC, hence the Triad transformer.   The following is lifted from their page under the "included" tab: ------- Fully Assembled O2 Headphone Amplifier in Enclosure 2x Tenergy 9V NiMH Batteries Instructions...
The JDS Labs Objective2 is probably the most perfect amp for a reasonable price. It's a relatively new and very unique design that outperforms pretty much anything under $600... and costs a quarter that much. You'll need an AC-AC transformer such as the Triad WAU12-200. Despite being a "12V" transformer, it puts out ~13.4VAC.   Anyway, that amp will easily drive all the AKGs mentioned on this thread.   So back to the orchestral headphone issue. I found the HD598...
I'm pretty sure the DT1350 isolates better but doesn't sound nearly as wide or as detailed. It might be as detailed but the rolled-off treble will hide it at first until you get used to it.
I'll smack talk VW because it's the only car I've been in where the airvent breaks by making an adjustment... and suddenly wires fall out! Wires? What the heck?! Also... I ripped the door handle off one by closing the door. Maybe my skinny american butt is stronger than the typical european, but other cars don't do this. Anyway, quality has been on the rise lately and I think it might have something to do with production in the Americas. I think it has made the designers...
Cmoys usually have a much higher damping factor than the E9 can offer, so that's another benefit.
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