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Wow...   These CIEM designs are some of the coolest and most innovative designs I have seen yet! Very cool!!
Only on that shot though... The actual headphone is blood free. 
Yeah...and they were expensive for a reason.  I'm often inspired by nature and music and the old piano black finish is something I would like to offer but it's extremely work intensive. My grandfather hated and adored that finish. He knew how to get it done the old school way too.
You guys crack me up!    I'm still sick so I have refrained from going out, so shipments of finished orders has been slightly delayed.   That said, I have been inside working. During these past two weeks, I have managed to start work on orders and got a lot done during these past few days, including some new, limited finishes. Also got a brand new cut! My hands suffer for this art.    Stay tuned.
 LOL... Might have to declare blueberries though...
I believe it is. I think you guys are taking this WAY too seriously. There will be NO LFF DNA BLOOD EDITION....not unless someone wants to sign a few dozen legal waivers and pay me a boatload of money. 
 LOL. Never saw that movie... I'm focusing on other finishes at the moment. 
 Just passionate and plus...I think it will actually look cool. I'm going to start chatting with some doctors about this...
I am seriously looking into 2 sets of blood stained cups....not bloodwood....or heartwood...I'm talking blood ON the wood.  Until then, the three finishes on the first page are all I have to offer for the time being. As for my still hurts - especially if I touch it, but it is healing nicely. I'm slowly getting over my cold as well.
LOL!   Hey, you guys seriously want a real blood wood edition, I might make one.    The problem is, as previously mentioned, the stain would develop a patina over time and will most likely look like dark brown once the iron starts to rust. Still...I might actually make one. I've had two major cuts this month making headphones. A third one wouldn't hurt for artistic purposes - wouldn't be too bad.   This guy does it for art...why not me?   That said, I don't think I...
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