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Just wanted to chime in.    Fantastic review!   I own TWO of these with TWO of the optional subwoofers. The RIVA Turbo X completely kills them. This has to be the best sounding portable speaker I have ever heard and I have heard a ton as my father owns about 20 of them....well...used to...he got rid of all of them after he stole my RIVA Turbo X.
Damn. I'd love to go but this is short notice. I barely log on here anymore.   If you end up pushing it, let me know and I'll be happy to go.   - L
 That's because it's louder and slightly compressed. 
 This to me, was the best surprise of Day 1 at CanJam 2015. There are times when something totally unexpected blows you away. The Riva Turbo X is such a product. I definitely need to spend some quality time with it but initial impressions are simply that this little speaker ROCKS! I own a Soundmatter FoxL and FoxLO combo and the Riva Turbo X blows that combo out of the water. What is the Riva Turbo X? It's an awesome little blue tooth speaker that packs quite the punch at...
My condolences to the family.   I'm sure many in this community will forever be grateful that he created the HP1000's, some of the best headphones that are still around.   May he rest in peace.
 The Come Fly With Me on HDTracks is the mono version of the album. It's probably the best digital release thus far but it's far from properly remastered. It sounds like a slightly tweaked version of the master that's missing the warmth and life-like nature that I have become accustomed to in Capitol recordings of this era. Definitely needs to be re-eq'd at a minimum. FWIW, I actually bought it. If you are ever at a meet where I am at, feel free to stop by and listen to my...
You have two options for finding the best LZ albums out there...   1) The original CD releases 2) The original LP releases   It's really a matter of picking your poison as they both suffer from separate issues.    1) The original CD releases are taken from safety tapes.   2) The original LP releases have compression added.   It's a sad state of affairs as these albums could be INCREDIBLY dynamic and wonderful. I've had the luck of listening to the original work...'re the only one I told I had 6 sets at the time and you're the only who didn't make an immediate payment.    As I said previously, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I did email you and simply assumed you no longer wanted them. I'm not an aggressive salesman, so I took your silence as simply not wanting them anymore. I'm happy you moved on and found something to keep you happy. 
Terribly sorry you feel that way. I really do strive to do my best at communicating with everyone, whether it's a question about headphones or not.  I was unable to respond to your post on the other thread. That said, I did email you for payment (5 days after the previous one) and didn't hear back from you. I'm not one to push anything on anyone, so I figured you simply didn't want them anymore - which is totally ok. No harm, no foul - but I did keep my word. 
Yes, it's disgusting. Mastering and careful restoration can fix it though. I have a full non-distorted version of the album. 
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