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 This mainly has to do with mastering styles. This goes to show how much a mastering engineer can actually influence the final presentation of a recording. How can we really know what's on those master tapes? Are our formats really true to the source? I've often been surprised - and not in a good way. 
Stadium Arcadium is indeed a very well recorded album in terms of modern recording techniques. However, to really appreciate it, you must hear the vinyl version. The CD really suffers from the loudness wars and is compressed to elephant poop levels. Not good.
Completely second these! The Mehta/LAPO is my go-to for this particular work.
Funny...I see a difference.
Yes, you are.  Thank you ToddTheMetalGod! I appreciate the compliment. I'm quite proud of the way these are turning out. Lots of love and dedication go a long way.  My favorite are the Solemn Blue, Driftwood and Hemo sets as the pictures really don't do them justice. They are extremely hard and time consuming to do right but when done they really make me smile. My family is in love with Suji and Hemo finishes, so much so, I might be redoing some of their furniture when I...
Hey guys!   Just wanted to update you all as a whole rather than send out individual emails...   Work is progressing well...extremely well.    The majority of those of you who paid, should be receiving your Enigmas in about two weeks, maybe less. Those of you inquiring about the special finishes and time, well, those are in stock and ready to go.   Thank you all for your patience.  
 The problem seems to be with the sliders not holding their position after they are taken off. I never found this to be a problem personally since I almost always re-adjust my headphone before, during, and after use - ever since day 1 of this hobby. That said, I know a few of you guys don't like it. I aim to please so I'm working on a few things that might solve that problem for you all.  If and when I find a good solution, I'll let you know. As for the finishes...the Suji...
Wow...   These CIEM designs are some of the coolest and most innovative designs I have seen yet! Very cool!!
Only on that shot though... The actual headphone is blood free. 
Yeah...and they were expensive for a reason.  I'm often inspired by nature and music and the old piano black finish is something I would like to offer but it's extremely work intensive. My grandfather hated and adored that finish. He knew how to get it done the old school way too.
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