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You have two options for finding the best LZ albums out there...   1) The original CD releases 2) The original LP releases   It's really a matter of picking your poison as they both suffer from separate issues.    1) The original CD releases are taken from safety tapes.   2) The original LP releases have compression added.   It's a sad state of affairs as these albums could be INCREDIBLY dynamic and wonderful. I've had the luck of listening to the original work...'re the only one I told I had 6 sets at the time and you're the only who didn't make an immediate payment.    As I said previously, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I did email you and simply assumed you no longer wanted them. I'm not an aggressive salesman, so I took your silence as simply not wanting them anymore. I'm happy you moved on and found something to keep you happy. 
Terribly sorry you feel that way. I really do strive to do my best at communicating with everyone, whether it's a question about headphones or not.  I was unable to respond to your post on the other thread. That said, I did email you for payment (5 days after the previous one) and didn't hear back from you. I'm not one to push anything on anyone, so I figured you simply didn't want them anymore - which is totally ok. No harm, no foul - but I did keep my word. 
Yes, it's disgusting. Mastering and careful restoration can fix it though. I have a full non-distorted version of the album. 
 Very cool! Make sure you stop by and say hello! :-)
Sure. Many reviewers have already said it. It's an isodynamic driver.
 I'm always around. I just tend not to post unless I'm asked a direct question. Yes, I'm busy with school and some other things soon to be announced.... That said, I am ALWAYS available for anyone interested in talking about headphones, amps, dacs, etc. I love to talk shop and ALWAYS welcome an email and I'm usually good at responding within a few hours, if not, immediately.  
Has anyone found a battery that's compatible with the 5G 30GB that will double the play time?
Thanks dude!
The real problem with using a headphone only technology is that the artists must actually be good. Little or no over-dubbing and you can really edit between takes because it's very hard to match the ambiance of take to take. So, essentially, the song has to be perfectly performed, in one full take, using no over-dubs, no processing, no auto-tune and it must all be done in the same room...LIVE. Not many artists are willing to do that.
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