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I would rather have a neutral amp and use EQ IMO.
Done. Reregistered there...
You could get one of these if you want to display them:
Thanks for the email Trevor. Sent you one back. It's a pleasure to do business with a person such as you.  I hope I didn't offend you by using the term plastic. 
Shot Trevor an email. If he hasn't started my Vanquish I'll upgrade to the Draug :)
Edit: Ordered the Draug2 :)
Yeah it is the HD800. I love the cloth cover on the Vanquish and didn't really care for the plastic(using that as a general term) cover on the Draug, but it's actually starting to grow on me. I got the cotton brown/gray Vanquish so if I get the Draug maybe I'll go with the racey red color :)
Your making me wonder if I should have ordered the Draug2. Waiting on my Vanquish to come in. Ordered it on Oct 4th so I'm sure I still have a bit of a wait, but looking forward to it :)Maybe I'll have to get a Draug2 also :)
Will do. 
Thank Longbow. Looks like it's going to be delivered on Fri. Decware seems to have very fast turnaround times. I wasn't expecting it until mid-late Nov. That's ok though. I'll take it now :D
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