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No it doesn't have to be balanced. I just liked the idea of it. I've never owned, or heard for that matter, a fully balanced rig so I don't know if it makes a difference sonically.I'm open to all suggestions. I just want to do it right.
Hmmmmmmm. Man you guys are making this hard for a guy that has limited(read 0) experience with any HP amp other than the crack and a couple of cheap tripath or portables :) My budget for amp and dac is $1800 so the NAD m51 is out. Any one have any experience with the zdac and so to stay on topic, how well does it pair with the HD800?   Edit: how about a dac that synergizes well with the V200
So what amp do you guys prefer with the 800? I was also looking at the WA2 and V200. Bear-in-mind I haven't heard any of these.  Also what dac would you use?
4-pin it is then. I didn't think about the adapters. Good call.
 All balanced. This will be my first balanced system :)Yeah it did lol...
I will be ordering a Mjolnir/Gungnir combo in the next couple days and am going to also order the Norne Vanquish for my HD800. I have never owned a balanced amp before.  Is it better to go for the single 4-pin XLR or the dual 3-pin(since the Mjolnir can use both) or does it make no difference?
Well guys I took you advise a couple pages back on the amp and cable. Cancelled the order on the Lyr 2 and Bifrost Uber combo and am getting the Mjolnir/Gungnir combo along with the Norne Vanquish cable :)
I've already been looking into cables for it :) Not sure where to even begin though.I have the BTG sunrise on my CIEMs and they look nice but I don't really notice a difference in sound quality over the stock cable.I love the looks of the Norne cables so I'll probably end up getting those. Not sure if I should use copper or silver...
Yes. She is great :) Yep. A new amp will be in next years budget, but hopefully the Lyr and Bifrost will get me through until then. I'm thinking WA5 :)
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