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Norne Drauge2 I bought back in November of 2014. For the HD800. It's 8 foot long and balanced.   $150 shipped CONUS paypal included.
Holy smokes. You sir are hardcore. :)
Not directly, but I have owned both. I had the 501 in Nov-Dec and now I have the 301. To both my wife and myself, going strictly by memory of the 501, the 501 seemed to have more weight and texture to it. Now that could have been the filter mode we both preferred on the 501. The 301 is very neutral compared to the 501, but there again the 501 has the filter modes...
Same here. Looks like forever funder gear is starting to ship.
If anyone is interested I have my HD800 and CSP3 for sale. I hate to part with them, but I need $$$ to get back into a reef hobby I had a few years ago :)
Bought these new from Amazon Nov. 2014. These are stock, non-modded so no warranty issues. No scratches, dents, dings, or chips. These are in as new condition. I have all original box, and cable. $1050.00 with Draug2 4-pin XLR cable.  $950.00 with stock cable These are packed away until sold so no worries on these being used during sale. Also wanted to add that these come from a smoke free home. Please feel free to ask any questions or to request pics...   Prices...
Unless your tube "rolling" you rarely ever have to change the tubes. They can last for years...
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