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Lowered price
Lowered price.
New in box Pulse and LPS. These are standard single ended pulse and the single LPS. They are both new in their boxes. I only opened them to take the pics and test to make sure everything works.  I received the LPS a few months ago and it went directly into storage. The pulse just came in yesterday. Selling as a pair only.   $450 for the pair shipped CONUS and paypal fees included
You know...  It's unfortunate that LHLabs marketed the pulse the way they did. I can understand the frustration you guys are feeling because I felt that way too and it's the main reason I have mine up for sale, but.... After listening to my new pulse/LPS combo last night they are surprisingly good. I love my Teac UD-301, but it's obvious the Pulse is a few steps above the Teac. It's surprisingly smooth for a sabre dac which I didn't expect and I would suspect that it...
No Femto clock. It's the standard vanilla with the TCXO clocks. It's not French vanilla. It's just regular vanilla :D
Verified in pics. Works great, sounds wonderful :)
So I fired up my pulse and LPS up today to test them out before selling them. Not sure I want to sell them now. It sounds really good especially with the LPS. It has  a very black backgound.   Here it is playing DSD over f2k.    
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