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Any update when the forever funders pulses are supposed to ship? I received my lps a while back, but no word on the pulse...
Thanks. Will do. It's just my shoulder so no big deal.
If anyone is interested in this amp please have patience with me replying to PMs the next few days. I'm having surgery tomorrow and will be down for a bit. Thanks
The interconnect is .6 m and the power cable is 1 m.
Sold. Thanks everyone for the interest. 
This is a balanced 6' a Draug2 for the HD800 Bought back in Nov.   $175 shipped CONUS and paypal included.
Norne Drauge2 I bought back in November of 2014. For the HD800. It's 8 foot long and balanced.   $150 shipped CONUS paypal included.
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