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Ohhhhhhh it looks like your going to have a fun next few days :)
Get a hold of your local audiologist and ask if they make them.
Might be a dumb question, but I registered mine under the "en-us.sennheiser" I assume it's en-[your country here]? Or do you have to register it under the link you provided?Thanks.
Wow. These headphones are freaking amazing!!! I'm only running them through my Parasound zdac for now, but they sound sooooooo good. Can't wait to hear them on a real amp. I see what everyone is saying by them being revealing. So many little nuances I was missing in the music. Playing a little Depeche Mode at the moment  I'm floored :)
Congrats spur... Beautiful amp. Looking forward to hearing your impression of it once you've had more time on it.My HD800 arrived today. What a stunning headphone. Now I just need my Norne Vanquish cable and CSP3 to arrive...
  Sorry it's an hour long, but the first song is great.
That was amazing. I love the break at 8:12. That whole section seemed improved then the composition picks up again at around 10:50. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. 
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