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So I take it that the "forever funders" will not see their Pulses until the end of summer into fall, maybe next winter?
The old ones had multiplayer, but they used the now defunct gamespy. These will have multiplayer support :)
So who is ready to relive the good ol' days of Homeworld? I know I am. Have you guys seen the remastered edition? It's beautiful.   Preordered and can't wait until Feb 25th :D
I got my shipping invoice for the 400i last night... They are starting to ship in the US everyone  
Nice. Thank you.See you guys in another few weeks :D
Hey all. I've been on hiatus for a few weeks so forgive me if this has been asked a million times, but anyone know when the hifi man bundles are being shipped?
I just pre-ordered my copy Monday. Been playing the combat demo the last couple days. Though limited it's a lot of fun. Looking forward to next Tuesday when the game launches. I've got my Hotas and pedals at the ready :)
So I guess no one is winning a pair of IEMs 
Thanks longbow. I couldn't find the info in the manual. So there must be a soft-start circuit in the Decware...
I'm loving this amplifier with the HD800. Seems like it's a match made in heaven. I need a good dac to give you guys a proper review of it though. I had a Teac UD-501 and it sounded incredible. The synergy between the CSP3, Teac, and HD800 was amazing. Unfortunately the Teac had an issue so I sent it back and bought in on the Geek Pulse deal so I'll be waiting on that...   Can you guys tell me the proper "headphone plugging in" procedure? Do you start the amp, let it...
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