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Off topic, but is that map DQ per-chance?
Thanks exsomnis.I've been going back and forth all week on which of these to get(I haven't listened to either so...). I'm in the market for my 1st pair of "high end" headphones and it was down to the HD-560 or LCD-2. I like a warmer sound and can not tolerate bright treble so the LCD-2 sounds like the clear winner.I'm going to be pairing them with an A-GD NFB-28.
I've been out of the Head-Fi scene for a little bit now, but recently got the itch again :) I'll be ordering my 560s and Asgard 2 next week sometime. I'm really looking forward to getting back into Head-Fi with these. Other than my DT880s/Crack combo these will be the highest end headphone I've owned. Can't wait :D
Anyone have future build plans when Star Citizen launches...... How many of you have pledged already to game and reserved you ship(s) and hanger?
Yep. That's about the only thing you hear on mine is the storage HDD when it gets accessed. My main is an SSD so no noise there. You can hear a slight hum from the pump, but you have to have your ear right on the case to hear it.
Thank you sir :) That's what's nice about water cooling. My PC is damn near dead silent :)
Thank you sir. Here it is finished:        
Redid the loop with copper pipes... I need to polish them up...          
Sorry to hear this OP. Keep your chin up. Don't let it get you down. Things could be worse. As you can tell by my HF name I have tinnitus, but mine was/is not caused by loud noises. I have autonomic neuropathy which causes a lot more problems than just tinnitus, but the tinnitus is one of the more annoying symtoms I have for sure... Mine will never go away, but I have learned to deal with it and you will too. Just focus on the positive things in your life and all...
^^Looks like now you're 8. We are 5...
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