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Yes thats the one i downloaded just now and get the message i already have the newest installed.   Doing a creative webupdate to see what it says.. It wants me to download ALchemy 1.41.02 and the X-Fi driver v 1.04.0000 and some Audio pack.. downloading.... going slow
Thanks Tom,   I'm downloaded the file but when i try to install it it tells me that it can't find any supported devices in my PC. I have had the same problem before though.. I have the X-FI PCI-e version of the card perhaps thats why it failed.. I will look and see if i can find another version.   I have changed to 16bit 44100 Hz   I downloaded latest X-Fi driver for my soundcard from creative and says that the version that i have installed is newer than the...
I have the following equipment in my possession and i am wondering if i can get a really good or descent sound output from this.   Most of my music that i aquire are 128-320 kbps / VBR mp3s or better (FLAC)   I like to listen to all kinds of music genres, House, Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Classical, Rap . . etc   I generally don't play around with the equalizer settings in Winamp other chan choosing the built in pre-sets but i understand from reading some on...
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