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Currawong would be great if you could explain as im not really sure on it.. honestly  although im reading in the forum trying suck up as much info as i can handle at the moment although i have a very bad memory lol, nevermind read
Would the Fiio E7 + E9 Combo make any difference even though i have a SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio with my HD 598 (50Ω)    Worth to mention is that i don't have any external desktop speakers i plan to use it only with my current setup and if i have to i will have to update my soundcard as well.
Downloaded and installed the WASAPI plugin for Winamp and it doesn't lag/sound bad when i skip songs compared to ASIO   Input stream: 16 bit PCM encoding in 2.0 (Stereo) setup. 44100Hz rate MAIKO buffer/latency: 0 samples (0 µs) Output stream: 24 bit (32bit padded) PCM encoding in 7.1 (surround) setup. 44100Hz rate Client buffer: 21504 samples (487620 µs)   Pretty much haven't changed any default settings..
I am running the ASIO Output plugin in Winamp now (ASIO4ALL v2.10) Sounds nice although i had to lower the ASIO Buffer Size to 64 Samples to get rid of the disturbances in the playback.   I don't know what to do with the following settings below   Latency Compensation In: 0 Samples (default) Out: 0 Samples (default)   Options Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT) *not checked (default)* Buffer Offset:4 ms (default) Always Resamble 44.1kHz <-> 48kHz *not checked...
Yes going to get an ASIO4ALL plugin for my Winamp and try to get that to fly... problem is i barely know what im doing :)
Do i want some plugin for Winamp to take Exclusive Right over the soundcard or just let it be?   In Winamp DSP/Effect i have iZotope Ozone installed but i read somewhere that when using FLAC the worst thing you can do is to use something like that.   I downloaded ASIO4all v2.10 yesterday and have that installed as well.   I also downloaded J River Media Center to try it but i'm more content with using Winamp as music player.. it's stuck with me for so long..
I have never really used  those functions..  i just saw that creative thought i was using 7.1 speakers.. changed it to Headphone.. but the EAX, Crystalizer etc was all turned off.
What i listen to right now is FLAC music with an EQ in Winamp 5.6 that is completely FLAT 3 Doors Down My World (Acoustic) 984 kbps 44 kHz   I don't have any DSP plugin for Winamp installed or currently running
OK! I have downloaded the latest Creative drivers and sample rate is at 16bit 44100 Hz It says that i can allow other programs to take exclusive rights over the soundcard as well in the preferences.
I like the X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCi-e although i am not an expert.. although i think i hear the sound pretty clear although i don't have a DAC connected nor own one for that matter.   but i'm not an expert.. When it comes to equalizer settings, preamp, DAC, sample rate and so forth i'm just trying to learn.. I realize i don't listen music that much any more at my desktop and was asking myself why it was.. i don't mind silence though, laughs.   Alright the download...
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