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Looks really nice.. love the build!
v2.2 better than previous SQ-wise? even when using WASAPI or ASIO?
Has anyone thought of buying a pair of fake beats and mod them with some better drivers? Would this be possible / doable?
Checkout PowerAmp :) it rocks
It drives my Koss Porta Pro really well although it gets louder with the Fiio E5 Amplifier but it's subjective and depends on what you going to use.. im pretty sure it's going to be great.. worst case you need a small amp for it.. either way its the best smartphone out there.. its also incredibly slim and light weight
I have a pair of police handcuffs laying around somewhere.. maybe that could be used in some inventive way of being a headphone hanger :p
I have recently realized and noticed that on my HD 598 i can feel the left earphone vibrate in certain songs were there are some kind of base base, while on my right earphone i don't notice this at all.. I double checked the position and it looks fine.. Anyone who have experienced something similar? I haven't "burned in" my headphones or anything in the past.. they are fairly new as my old ones cracked and i got a replacement from Sennhesier batch  "2011-04-07" Should i...
Thats what im gonna use once i get up and running i think..
Download and try the PowerAmp application from the Market in Android for your Samsung Galaxy 2 it's great... 14 days trial as well and you can do a lot.. built in EQ.. plays FLAC etc.. easily the best music player for Android worth every penny.. if you decide to buy it (3 USD or so)
I'm wondering.. why is it that most uses rubber band etc? I was thinking myself if i had an amp with no display i would use velcro instead.. is that bad or its just a norm to use elastic bands to hold the things together?
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