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It seems to drive the pro 900s fine alone but I'm afraid once my BoomPro mic comes in it won't drive both that well once mixing in the chat volume. What do you think?And yeah the creative sound blaster amp has a 4 pole jack for a mic but that's the only one I have found so far
Yeah so do you think the MixAmp 5.8 is enough for the mic and the pro 900s or should I look into an amp? Also what are my options for amps with a 4 pole jack? So far I see only the creative sound blaster amp
Actually the MixAmp headphone jack is 4 pole I believe the other jack is for the chat able if you need to plug it into the controller.However now I know what you mean basically I need to carry the mic signal around the e11 because it doesn't have the 4 pole connections.So do you think the MixAmp 5.8 will be enough power for my pro 900s and the mic? Or should I get the e11? Also is there any headphone amps with a 4 pole mic connection?
I can't just hookup the BoomPro directly inline from the e11? If I chose to use it? Will the MixAmp power both the pro 900s and the mic just fine?
I'm using a pair of Ultrasones pro 900s that are 40ohm. Do you think I should use the e11 with the MixAmp 5.8 or is the MixAmp enough to drive these? Also I have an inline mic, the v mods BoomPro so if I did use the e11 could I run the mic inline or would I have to some how separate it?
No worries man. And yeah j can't edit until everything comes in. I used to have the non wireless MixAmp and it was awesome so j expect similar from the wireless
Did you even read the post??? I'm going to use my Ultrasones Pro 900's which are amazing for games, honestly better than the DT990's. I know the Beyers are more balanced but the Ultrasones have really huge and tight base perfect for explosions and what not. Also the Ultrasones are so damn accurate and revealing up too you can hear everything very crisp and clear. I've compared both and the DT990's are awesome all around cans but they just didn't have the excitement and...
Ok, so I recently have been getting into my PS4 and all of the awesome games that have been coming out such as Destiny, COD AW, NHL 15, GTA V, etc etc. I used to have an Astro A40, which I thought was pretty good but honestly it didn't get used because of the wired setup going across the living room was annoying. Also, the sound quality was no where near my studio headphones (Ultrasone Pro 900's) or even my DJ/casual headphones (AIAIAI TMA-1 Fool's Gold Edition). So...
That brings me to the members lounge. So I have to have a specific amount of posts to post in the trade or something?
I don't see any option to post in the trade section but I have some practically brand new Ultrasone pro 900's that I bought for music production that id like to trade for some denon ah-d5000's. I love my ultrasone's but id like to try something different.
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